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How to be a True Buddhist through Observance?
Nikini Poya day is the full-moon of August. Bhikkhus who did not enter the yearly
rains retreat (Vas) early at Esala Poya day (peravas), are allowed to enter the
the rains retreat now in August (pasuvas).  Nikini Poya day celebrates the first ever
Dhammasangayana - The First Buddhist Council where, what the Buddha said, was
agreed upon and recited. This took place at the Sattapanni Rock Cave in Rajagaha
(now Rajgir, India), under the patronage of Mahakassapa Thera and it went on for
seven long months. It established the original authentic Tipitaka: The 3 Baskets
of Sacred Text = The Pali Canon spoken by the historical Buddha and his disciples.

One of the 7 Sattapanni Caves, where the First Buddhist Council was held ~ 483 BC.
A huge wooden hall was built outside the cave to house the 500 awakened Arahants.
This was built by King Ajatasattu, who tried to do some good after having killed his
father the good king Bimbisāra, King of Magadha and Buddha Gotama's old friend.

On this first Buddhist Council:

Video of the Sattapanni Caves:

On such Observance days:
Any Lay Buddhist simply joins the Three Refuges and undertakes
the Five Precepts like this: Newly bathed, shaved, white-clothed,
with clean bare feet, one kneels at a shrine with a Buddha-statue,
and bows first three times, so that feet, hands, elbows, knees and
head touch the floor. Then, with joined palms in front of the heart,
one recite these memorized lines in a loud, calm & steady voice:

As long as this life lasts:
I hereby take refuge in the Buddha.  
I hereby take refuge in the Dhamma.
I hereby take refuge in the Sangha.
I hereby seek shelter in the Buddha for the 2nd time.
I hereby seek shelter in the Dhamma for the 2nd time.
I hereby seek shelter in the Sangha for the 2nd time.
I hereby request protection from the Buddha for the 3rd time.
I hereby request protection from the Dhamma for the 3rd time.
I hereby request protection from the Sangha for the 3rd time.
I will hereby respect these Three Jewels the rest of my life!

I accept to respect & undertake these 5 training rules: 
I hereby accept the training rule of avoiding all Killing.
I hereby accept the training rule of avoiding all Stealing.
I hereby accept the training rule of avoiding all Sexual Abuse.
I hereby accept the training rule of avoiding all Dishonesty.
I hereby accept the training rule of avoiding all Alcohol & Drugs.

As long as this life lasts, I am thus protected by these 5 precepts...

Then, one keeps and protects these sacred vows better than one's
own eyes & children!, since they protect you & all other beings much
better than any army! They are the highest offer one can give in & to
this world! So is  the start towards Nibbāna: the Deathless Element!
This is the Noble Way to Peace, to Freedom, to Ease, to Happiness,
initiated by Morality, developed further by Dhamma-Study and
fulfilled by training of Meditation...

Today indeed is Pooya or Uposatha or observance day, where any lay
Buddhist normally keeps the Eight Precepts from sunrise until the
next dawn... If any wish an official recognition by the Bhikkhu-Sangha,
they may simply forward the lines starting with "I hereby ..." signed with
name, date, town & country to me or join here
A public list of this new Saddhamma-Sangha is set up here!

The New Noble Community of Disciples: The Saddhamma Sangha:

Can quite advantageously be Joined Here:

May your journey hereby be light, swift and sweet. Never give up !!

For Details on Uposatha Observance Days:

This huge cave hall was built to house the Sixth Buddhist Council convened in 1955
to recite the Pāli Tipitaka and authenticate the texts. On the 2,500th Anniversary
of the Buddha's final passing away (Parinibbāna), 2,500 monks assembled from the
Theravāda Buddhist countries. Venerable Mahāsi Sayādaw performed the central
role as Chief Questioner (Pucchaka), which was fulfilled by Venerable Mahākassapa
in the First Council, held three months after the Buddha's passing away. To house
this great hall, an artificial hill was constructed by voluntary workers at Kaba-Aye
in Rangoon. This great hall is still used to hold the examinations in the Tipitaka.

The Buddhist Poya Uposatha Observance Day Calendar is here:

True Buddhists Respect the Poya Days!

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