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Who or What Creates the Pain?

They asked the blessed Buddha:
Is suffering created by oneself? He answered: Not so!
Is suffering created by another? He answered: Not so!
Is suffering created both by oneself & another? Not so!
Is suffering created neither by oneself nor another? Not so!

Suffering arises in Dependence! Dependent on what?
Dependent on Contact ... does all suffering arise ...
Without contact it is impossible to experience any suffering!

Dependent on Contact does Feeling arise.
Dependent on Feeling does Craving arise.
Dependent on Craving does Clinging arise.
Dependent on Clinging does Becoming arise.
Dependent on Becoming does Birth arise.
Dependent on Birth does Decay & Death arise.
Dependent on Decay & Death does Suffering come into being!

Note: Death here is both death of the moment & death at life's end.
There is thus no 'agent' or 'doer', 'creator' or 'observer, neither inside nor outside...
There is this passing sequence of momentary causally dependent states.
The prior mental moment conditioning the next and this, the next etc...
Quite impersonal is this flux. Not anything worth clinging to!
Just ever passing states...

Imagined "God"-creator concept.

The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya II 32-43

All hail the "Creator"!

There is no Agent, Actor or Creator!
Only Conditioned States arising in Mutual Dependence!


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Updated: 22 December 2016

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