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 Focus on the Present NOW! The Past is Not Real...

The melancholic longing for a Past, that never ever can
nor ever will return, is therefore just futile masochism!

The Buddha once noted:
They do not ever lament over the past,
They do neither yearn for what has yet to come,
They maintain themselves in the present here & now,
therefore is their appearance so calm and serene!
Samyutta Nikāya I, 5

Let go of the past, let go of the future,
let go of the present, and cross over to the
further shore of all becoming and existence.
With mind wholly liberated and fully released,
you shall never come back to birth and death!
Dhammapada 348

The past should not be the object of our longing,
nor should the future be desired or create any urgency.
What is past, not real anymore, is dead & gone,
neither is the future real now, it has yet to come!
Majjhima Nikāya III, 131

Let the past be past, let it go, relinquish it fully.
Let the future come as it may come. Don't push it!
Remain mentally right here in the present: Just Aware!
Fully Comprehending what is the Realistically real Real!

Nostalgia cannot ever get any past back into now!

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