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What is the Purpose & Final Goal of the Noble Life?


The Blessed Buddha once said:

Bhikkhus, if those of other sects and of other beliefs should ask you this question:

Friends, for what purpose is the Noble Life lived under the ascetic Buddha Gotama?

When being asked that question, you should answer them in exactly this very way:


It is, friends:

For the fading away of greed, lust, and desire...

For the breaking out of the mental prison of addiction...

For the uprooting of the ingrown evil latent tendencies...

For the direct experience of the supremely good method...

For the destruction of the mental fermentations...

For the enjoying the fruit of certainty & total freedom...

For the sake of definite knowledge & penetrating vision...

For the sake of final Nibbāna  without trace of clinging...

that this Noble Life is lived under the Blessed Buddha!


Then, Bhikkhus, if those of other sects ask you: But what is the Method for attaining final
Nibbāna without clinging? Being asked that, you should answer them thus: Friends, there is
indeed a Method; there is certainly a Way for reaching final
Nibbāna  without any clinging:
It is indeed exactly this Noble 8-fold Way:

Right View  (sammā-ditthi)
Right Motivation  (sammā-sankappa)
Right Speech  (sammā-vācā)
Right Action  (sammā-kammanta)
Right Livelihood  (sammā-ājīva)
Right Effort  (sammā-vāyāma)
Right Awareness  (sammā-sati)
Right Concentration  (sammā-samādhi)

This is the method; this is the way for entering the dimension of final Nibbāna  without clinging.
When asked these questions, Bhikkhus, you should answer those of other beliefs in this way...

Walking the Noble Way...

Further study on the Noble 8-fold Way:


The Way: Wheel with 8 spokes=The Dhamma-Cakka

Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya.
Book [V:27-9] section 45: The Way. 41-42: Purpose ...


Gain the Noble Aim!

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