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Harmful is all Divisive Speech, which causes Conflict & Hostility!

Once in Savatthi the Blessed Buddha said this:
What, householder friends, is the Dhamma explanation befitting for oneself?
Here, householder friends, a Noble Disciple reflects thus: If someone were to
divide me from my friends by divisive speech, splitting, disruptive, & pernicious,
that would neither be pleasing nor agreeable to me. Similarly, if I were to divide
another from his friends by divisive speech, splitting, & causing disharmony that
would neither be pleasing nor agreeable nor acceptable to that other one either!
What is displeasing and disagreeable to me, is also displeasing and disagreeable
to any other being too. How can I harm & hurt another being with what provoke
annoy and exasperate myself? Having reflected repeatedly thus, then gradually:
1: He/she will carefully avoid all divisive, splitting, disruptive, & evil speech...
2: He/she will persuade others also to abstain from all divisive wrong speech...
3: He/she will praise speaking only harmony that unites friends and even foes...
In this very way is this advantageous verbal behaviour purified in 3 respects!!

Buddha once noted:
Beings are born with an axe in their mouth by which they cut their own future down...

Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. [V:355]
section 55: Sotāpattisamyutta. Thread 7: To the people at the Bamboo gate...

One should never harm other beings by Dividing them with Splitting Speech!

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Avoid all Divisive Speech!

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