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Representation, Image, or Manifestation, but not Substance!

What one 'sees' is only an 'Image', not a 'thing', nor a 'substance out there', but a mental
construction, an experience, an immaterial sensation, created by sense-organ, object and
consciousness  'in here' in the mind and brain... Just like the image on the PC-screen is indeed
electronically created and not 'really' in there: There is an image of an Apple on the screen,
but naturally no real apple inside the PC...
There is an image of an Apple on the mental visual screen (occipital brain cortex), but from
that image one cannot conclude, that a real apple exists outside, apart from, or completely
independent of the perceiving mind... !  Like in the mirror, there is no 'person' in there, and
like in the cinema, there is no 'actors' on that screen; There is only 'images' of persons and
things. These images appear  as real, but are not really real  in the sense they pretend to be... 

Images  of what then, one may ask?
We will never know as we only have these mental images and never the 'original ' object!
Even to claim that this 'original' exists, is therefore merely metaphysical speculation based
on a somewhat naive, simple-minded - if not even childish – local realism & materialist world view...
The thing for 'itself' -das ding an sich- as Emanuel Kant called the assumed object undistorted
and wholly unaffected by the process perception, will by definition never be available to us...
This noumenon object or event, that is known entirely without the use of the senses, is an illusion,
 since we will always only have access to the experienced phenomenon using the senses as witness.

Seeing -Images- instead of -Realities-  is halfway to comprehending -Nothingness-...
Understanding -Nothingness- is halfway to disabling the urge of -Craving-...
Disabling -Craving- is halfway to the deathless dimension -Nibbāna-!

A mere projection of a desired object into the mind mirror does not infer reality,
neither of the object 'out there', nor of the subject ego assumed as 'in here' ...

The Blessed Buddha once said:
In the seen is merely the process of seeing, and what is seen.
In the heard is merely the process of hearing, and what is heard.
In the sensed is merely the process of sensing, and what is sensed.
In the thought is merely the process of thinking, and what is thought of.
So knowing, you will not be connected with that sensation...
So disconnected, you will not be absorbed in that sensed - object - ...
So detached, you - the subject - will not be defined by that experience...
So neither 'with that', nor 'in that' "you" are not created -by that- sensation!
When there is no -you- inferred, assumed, or conjectured by that sensation,
then -you- are neither -in here-, -out there-, -both-, -beyond-, nor -in between-...
Only this - is the End of Suffering...                        

Source: Udana – Inspiration: I – 10

Only an Image!

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