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What are the 8 Training Rules bringing Divinity?

The Blessed Buddha once said:
The habitual praxis of the observance day endowed with eight features brings
high reward and blessing, & is of sublime dignity and greatness. And which are
these eight features? In this, any Noble Disciple considers within himself:
Throughout their life the Arahats avoid all stealing of others' property and
abstain from any cheating. Always waiting till whatever thing is freely and
only openly given, free from any thievish intent, they remain intact and pure
both in mind & moral! May also I, this day and night, avoid all stealing & not
cheat anyone. By that I will follow the traits of these perfected Arahats!
I shall then have observed the Uposatha observance day perfectly. With this
second praxis is the observance day enriched. Observed in this very way,
the observance day endowed with eight features brings high - even divine -
reward & blessing & is of sublime dignity and immense greatness...

The one, who never takes, what is not freely & openly given,
whether long or short, fine or foul, exquisite or ordinary,
such one is a Holy One.
Dhammapada 409

Behaviour that counts as ways of stealing:
Cheating with values, documents, weights or measures, embezzlement, corruption,
fraud, misappropriation, robbery, theft, swindling, trickery, forgery, counterfeit,
extortion, bribing, blackmail, tax-evasion, false accounting, double book-keeping,
over-prizing, pirating, deliberately wrong valuation of assets, & insurance fraud...!

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Source (edited extract):
Numerical Discourses of the Buddha. Anguttara Nikāya AN 8:44

Pure Praxis: Neither Theft, nor Fraud!

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