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Drop of Dhamma Delight!


What are the 8 Precepts, which brings Divinity?

The Blessed Buddha once said:
The habitual praxis of the observance day endowed with eight
features brings high reward and blessing, & is of sublime dignity
and greatness! And which are these eight features? In this, any
Noble Disciple considers within himself: Throughout their life the
Arahats avoid high and luxurious beds, using only a low couch, be
it a mattress on or close to the floor or simply a layer of straw...
May I also this very day & night avoid high, comfy & luxurious beds!
By that I will follow the track & traits of the perfected Arahats!
I shall then have observed the Uposatha observance day perfectly!
With this eighth praxis is the observance day enriched. Observed
in this very way, the observance day endowed with eight features
brings high - even divine - reward & blessing & is of sublime dignity
and immense greatness...

Audio: Moral Purity is Prime Podcast:

Source (edited extract):
Numerical Discourses of the Buddha. Anguttara Nikāya AN 8:44

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