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Dependent Origination is a Profound Causality!

The Blessed Buddha once pointed out:

Dependent_Origination is profound, Ananda, and profound it appears.
Moreover, Ananda, it is through not knowing it, due to not comprehending it,
that this generation has become a tangled coil, like a knotted ball of thread,
snarled and twisted like creepers. It is because of not understanding that
subtle causality of dependent origination, that this generation cannot find
any way out of this Samsaric round of rebirths, with its many states of loss,
painful unhappy destinies, and even purgatory hells. DN II 55
There is no one, not even in a dream, who has ever got out of this fearful round
of rebirths, always destroying all beings, unless he has cut through this wheel
of becoming with the razor blade of understanding well whetted on the stone
of sublime concentration. This cyclic sequence of
Dependent_Causation offers
no footing owing to its great profundity, and is therefore hard to get a handle
on due to the maze of complex details.  Visuddhimagga

Therefore, practising for his own and other's advantage and welfare, let any
wise man practise deliberately and fully aware, so that he may begin to find
a footing in the abysmal deeps of this profound principle of dependent origin!

In Quantum-Mechanics this Dependence is called Entanglement or Non-Locality!

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