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Nothing Emerges without a Preceding Cause!

What causes Greed and Lust to arise?

Contacted by an attractive object, pleasurable feeling arises. If unaware then the
pleasurable feeling instantly makes craving towards  the object arise!
This pleasant feeling thus causes greed and lust to arise.

What causes Ill-Will and Anger to arise?
Contacted by a repulsive object, painful feeling arises.
If unaware and untrained,
then the
painful feeling instantly makes craving away from the object arise!
This unpleasant feeling thus causes aversion, ill-will and anger to arise.

What causes Delusion and Ignorance to arise?
Contacted by a neither attractive, nor repulsive object, then a neither pleasurable,
nor painful, neutral feeling arises.
 If unaware and untrained, then this pale neutral,
neither pleasurable, nor painful feeling makes craving for neglecting the object arise...
This neutral feeling thus causes delusion and ignorance to arise caused by neglect.

What is the prevention of this emotional causation of greed, hate and ignorance then?
If AWARE of the feeling arising, AND the 4 Noble Truths in that very moment THEN: 
Pleasant feeling will  NOT cause desire, lust, and greed to arise.
Painful feeling will NOT cause aversion, anger, and hate to arise..
Neutral feeling will NOT cause neglect and ignorance to arise...
Awareness (sati)  is thus the advantageous and preventing KEY here also!  

As the Buddha often noted: "All mental states converges on feeling.."

Beings causally create future states by intending them!

What is the relationship between the Mental Defilements and Craving?
Craving is the growth force and also media for the mental defilements:
Because of craving this state (e.g. wealth), aversion for the opposite state
(e.g. poverty) arises. Possessiveness, envy and jealousy soon follows, which
again enables violence and cruelty. Pain is the result of all such defilements.

What is the relationship between the Defilements and Self-Identification?
Self-Identification (egocentrism) is the glue holding together all mental
defilements. Eg: How to ever be possessive, if there is no ego to be an owner? ;-)

What is the absolute absence of all Greed, Hate and Ignorance?
The state Nibbāna  reached at the completion of the Noble 8-fold Way
is the absolute and irreversible absence of all greed, hate and ignorance!

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The Proximate Cause!


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