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Is the Universe created by Observer Participation?


1: Is the Universe & all matter manifested by observing it?
2: Is mind determining transitions between wave & particle?
3: Are we participating in creating, whatever we observe?

The Blessed Buddha said so already 2500 years ago...
Recently it was experimentally shown by Quantum-Physics.
Yet even today it is not really understood by the many!

Main Reference for Entranced Perusal: Law without Law
Princeton Professor of Physics: John Archibald Wheeler:
Princeton University Press, 1983. Law without LawPDF
or here:

References for those unfamiliar with Quantum Physics:
The Double Slit Experiment
Wheeler's Basic Delayed Choice Experiment:
Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
Copenhagen interpretation: Niels Bohr & Werner Heisenberg
Consciousness causes wavefunction collapse
Does the Universe Exist if We're Not Looking?

Therefore: It is not matter that creates mind (or brain).
It is mind that creates matter that creates mind!
Mind & matter are thus entangled & cannot be considered
neither as separate nor as independent of each other...

Objective observation independent of mind is impossible!
Dig it friends! its dizzy. its not trivial!
It is really radically revolutionizing...
This world is mighty hall of Mirrors!

Buddha once explained: Not participating by not observing:
In the seen is merely the process of seeing & what is seen.
In the heard is merely hearing & what is heard.
In the sensed is merely sensing & what is sensed.
In the thought is merely thinking & what is thought.
So knowing, you will not be connected with that.
So disconnected you will not be absorbed within that.
So neither with that nor within that you are not by that!
When there is no you inferred or conjectured by that,
then you are neither here, there, both, nor in between...
On realizing the importance of this the Blessed Buddha

furthermore exclaimed:
Where neither solidity, fluidity, heat nor diffusion find footing,
there no sun, moon nor star ever shines. There is neither any light
yet nor is there any darkness. When the Noble, through stilling of
all construction, through quieting of all mental formation, directly
experiences this, then is he freed from both form & formlessness,
then is he released from both pleasure & pain & gone all beyond...
Udana – Inspiration: I – 10

The stuff of the world is mind-stuff.
(Eddington, The Nature of the Physical World)

The old dualism of mind and matter... seems likely to disappear ...
through substantial matter resolving itself into a creation and
manifestation of the mind.
(Jeans, The Mysterious Universe)

The best that most of us can hope to achieve in physics is simply to
misunderstand at a deeper level.
The only acceptable point of view appears to be the one that recognizes
both sides of reality—the quantitative and the qualitative, the physical
and the psychical—as compatible with each other, and can embrace them
simultaneously. (Wolfgang Pauli, Writings on Physics and Philosophy)

The conception of the objective reality of the elementary particles has
thus evaporated not into the cloud of some obscure new reality concept,
but into the transparent clarity of a mathematics that represents no longer
the behavior of the particle but rather our knowledge of this behavior.
(Heisenberg, The Representation of Nature in Contemporary Physics)


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