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  30 October 2016 Dhamma on Air #42: The Lost Traveller
Simile of the lost Traveller: @ 04:15
Question 137: How do I find Buddhism in the next life, if at all? @ 13:05
Question 138: Can the merit gained in this life might be wiped out at rebirth? @ 19:07
Question 139: How to understand the Syrian War from a Buddhist perspective? @ 26:44
Question 140: What are the karmic effects of watching TV shows? @ 38:39
Question 141: When one experiences no-self, who or what experiences this? @ 48:03
   23 October 2016 Dhamma on Air #41: The Raft and Sirima
Question 133: Why did the Buddha said one finally should let go of the Dhamma?
Question 134: Is it right livelihood for a Buddhist to trade on the stock market?
Question 134: What is and how does hatred, ill will, anger, aversion, dislike, & jealousy arise?
Question 135: Please do a Dhamma talk on Devas in early Buddhism.
Question 136: What does it signify, when coming to Buddhism, while young or old?


   16 October 2016 Dhamma on Air #40: The Way of the Elders
Question 128: Can one attain enlightenment, while living with a family doing a job? @ 5:46
Question 129: How to overcome Greed, lust, desire, and compulsive obsession? @ 19:07
Question 130: What about the giver, receiver, gift, & giving-mode influences the merit? @ 30:13
Question 131: What is Theravada Buddhism? @ 39:35
Question 132: Is Kamma (karma) the same as Destiny? @ 42:42
    9 October 2016 Dhamma on Air #39: Dhamma Reunion
Question 123: What did the Buddha say about Human-Deva interaction? 4.16
Question 124: What is a sign
(nimitta)? 22.22
Question 125: Which 5 conditions define the kamma of killing? 35.02
Question 126: Did the Buddha ever advise a householder not to go forth? 38.07
Question 127: What can be done for meeting the Dhamma in the next life? 47.37


    2 October 2016 Dhamma on Air #38: Stream-Winning Merit
Question 120: A: Can a stream-entrant fall back to a lower state?
B: Which mental defilements have a stream-entrants eradicated?
Question 121: How can one combat Mara, evil anger, and ill-will?
Question 122: How to generate higher merit?


25 September 2016 Dhamma on Air #37: The 24 Conditional Relations
Question 119: What are the 24 Conditional Relations?
Are they a part of Dependent Co-Origination
(pattica samupada)?
18 September 2016 Dhamma on Air #36: The 31 Levels of Existence
Question 115: Venerable Monk are astrology & horoscopes useless, & detrimental karmically?
Question 116: Venerable are Devas the same as 'gods'. What is the right translation for 'Deva'?
Question 117: If having offered sugar to a Buddha Puja, can one the use it oneself thereafter?
Question 118: Is ploughing worms and drinking water with micro organisms in it active killing?


10 September 2016 Dhamma on Air #35: The Way beyond Kamma
Question 110: Is desire for an object caused by past kamma, or due present mental defilements?
Question 111: Can past kamma stop the doing of good deeds? Is this why some cannot meditate?
Question 112: Is there any purpose in dedicating merit to the dead and departed?
Question 113: Is there a path we can follow to reduce our bad karma from past lives?
Question 114: How does past life kamma contribute to decide the events of our lives?
Does Karma decide the majority of things in our lives?


4 September 2016 Dhamma on Air #34: Solitude versus Superstition
Question 105: Did the Buddha ever mention the Earth as a globe, or as a flat surface?
Question 106: Those who chant "Namyo Ho Renge Kyo" are they true Buddhist?
Question 107: What ARE we apart from form, feeling, perception, construction & consciousness?
Question 108: Can Mara invade your dreams?
Question 109: How to deal with a cheater?


27 August 2016 Dhamma on Air #33: Emergence from Emptiness..
Question 100: What praxis leads to the experience of Emptiness (suññata)?
Question 101: How does Consciousness
(viññana) produce Form/Matter (rupa)?
Question 102: Is it true that meditation helps improving our past bad karma?
Question 103: What to do to minimize craving, greed, lust, and desire?
Question 104: Are there good and bad desires?
21 August 2016 Dhamma on Air #32: The 7 Sets
Q95: Venerable Sir, for the benefit of Devas and Humans, please can you talk about the
37 wings to Awakening, and the benefits they give any one, who cultivates them?
Q96: In Asia there is a "hungry ghost festival" on the 7th lunar month where one of filial piety
to help one's deceased mother and father offer food to the Sangha, so if they has been reborn
in hungry ghost Peta realm would have a better rebirth next time. It that in accordance with
the Dhamma, or is it blind superstition?
Q97: Is working at cafe that stocks meat products wrong livelihood?
Q98: Where does the visual consciousness arise: In the cornea, lens or retina?
Q99: If unaware of their ego would they then not pay attention to others?
Or is this ignorance?


14 August 2016 Dhamma on Air #31: Distraction & Disillusion
a: Is practicing martial arts yourself breaking the first precept not to kill?
b: What about martial arts teachers showing others how to harm?
a: Is there a difference in generosity when giving from oneself (donations, etc..)
or when someone asks for money? Difference is the sense of merit, or other...
b: What about loaning money? Generally it seems and uncomfortable when
the loaner cannot later pay back. Please share your thoughts on this.
Q92: When a lay person is seriously following the Noble Eight Fold Path,
a) Does his inclination or appetite for worldly targets or achievements gradually decrease?
b) If yes how does he find motivation to remain engaged in his job related matters,
most of which nowadays are driven by craving to achieve more and more worldly gains.
c) When one is progressing on the spiritual path one is getting enough fulfillment
which is more refined in nature and is therefore losing motivation for worldly things
which now is understood as irrelevant for that person. Is it so?
Q93: How to overcome mental distractions and thought noise?
Q94: Why each Buddha has to rediscover the path of enlightenment every time
and why can't the predecessor Buddha give his knowledge to successor Buddha?


7 August 2016 Dhamma on Air #30: Right Speech & Stream Entry
Q85: Venerable Sir, whenever I go I always hear rude and offensive language, at home, at school, at the mall. Unfortunately this rude and offensive language hangs on in my mind, and then my mind feels very dirty, bad, evil, and weak. How not to think in offensive language although I do not say it verbally?
Q86: I have read that Venerable Monks and Nuns are not allowed to use or accept money, since that is against the monastic discipline they obey. Please clarify this issue.
Q87: What about when the Buddha foretold about King Pasenadis dreams is that being a "fortune-teller" or dependent upon "astrology" Is that right livelihood for a monastic?
Q88: I remembered that I forgot to pay $5 for locker hire at a previous high school.I emailed the high school to pay back the $5 I promised to pay at the time.  They said "Thanks very much but you don’t need to pay." Venerable Monk, would you call this situation a act of stealing?
Q89: How to advert one's attention to the non-local aspect of individual consciousness?
          31 July 2016 Dhamma on Air #29: Escaping the Mirror-House
Q80: I am extremely nervous when I have to talk in front of an audience.
Is that a defilement? How can i work through it?
Q81: Isn't the highest giving, giving of the Dhamma... ?
Q82: What are the karmic consequence of arguing and back-biting with one's parents?
Q83: I have a friend who isn't Buddhist. She is not a good friend in terms of morality, she drinks, she watches bad movies etc. However, despite of these weaknesses, she did do good things to me like being with me at tough times, giving me gifts. She is most of the time a nuisance and is very rude to me at times. Should I end this friendship with her?
Q84: I've seen people in social media spreading bad views on Buddhism. I have tried my best to correct them however, they do not seem to understand their mistakes. Should I continue despite of their negative comments?


              24 July 2016 Dhamma on Air #28: Solar n Zen
Q65: Why are only males able to become SammasamBuddhas?
Q66: What is the difference between Theravada Buddhism and Zen Buddhism?
Q77: Is active death-help a heinous crime for the relative, or the hospital-worker?
Q78: Are relics, churches, statues, etc. and other religious symbols essential?
Does a formless form of being exist?
Q79: If a person, impelled by karmic effects of the past, does something wrong to another person, will a new karma be created or will it stop there?
              10 July 2016 Thus Have I Heard: The life-story of the Buddha part 1A + 2B
                3 July 2016 Dhamma on Air #27: The Space-Time Onion
Q59: What did the Buddha say on the conception of tie and spaces?
Q60: I have noticed that in the Mahayana tradition that there are various names for the Buddha e.g. Q61: Amitabha. Are these 'Mahayana types of Buddhas' are genuine or created fictionally?
Is it possible to achieve arahata status meditating lovingkindness or are other meditation techniques necessary?
              16 June 2016 Dhamma on Air #26: The 40 Classic Meditations
Q54How to know which of the 40 meditation objects is the most suited for me?
Q55: Sometimes  I feeel that i attain stream entry, but later I loose the stream entry mind state?
Q56: Please tell us the 16 Knowledges of a
Sotāpanna for the benefit of those who inspire to be one. How do you term a junior
Q57: What one can do with regard to relatives who are not trying to practice Buddhism as to avoid conflict or feeling discouraged, wanting approval and so on?
Q58: As a layperson, are there specific things we can do to cultivate Right Livelihood?
              18 June 2016 Dhamma on Air #25: The 10 indeterminable qs
Q52: What is and what did why Buddha refused to answer to the 10 unanswered qs.
Q53: What constitutes good intention?
              12 June 2016 Dhamma on Air #24: Genesis and Cosmology
Q47: Has Lord Buddha ever said studying Universes, Stars and Galaxies is a useless thing?
Q48: Has Lord Buddha ever said starting of Mankind happened from the evolution of Apes?
Q49: How did the planet Earth and mankind emerge according to Lord Buddha?
Q50: How does the End of the world and universe happen according to Lord Buddha?
Q51: Please explain the universal cosmology briefly according to Lord Buddhas Discourses?
Q52: Please explain the universal cosmology briefly according to Lord Buddhas Discourses?
               21 May 2016 Dhamma on Air #23: Vesak and Right Effort
Q42: What is the true meaning of Viriyena dukkhamacceti?
Q43: Did the Buddha communicate with Devas in Pali?
Q44: Should merit be passed on to the hungry ghosts by reciting Pali?
Q45: If having done "Papanthariya Kamma" can one escape Hell before the end of this Aeon?
Q46: Is modern popular "Mindfulness" the same as Buddhist Mindfulness or Awareness (Sati)?
               15 May 2016 Dhamma on Air #22: Right Livelihood & Consciousness
Q36: Do you have some instructions for the first try of meditation?
Q37: Please explain the rarity of human rebirth, and the emergence of a Buddha
Q38: How does one develop insight into making big decisions about life and career?
Q39: What exactly constitutes right livelihood?
Q40: Please comments on this 2 statements :
" There are so many mental consciousness that can not be counted " and
" The body of human being does not have only one consciousness."
Q41: Is there any way we can reconnect with our own pure consciousness
in order to have a clear heart and mind.
                8 May 2016 Dhamma on Air #21: Right View vs. Nihilism
Q30: How do offerings of flowers & incense to the Buddha's relics create merit?
Q32: How does Buddhism look on, and regard Nihilism?
Q33: Is possession of all materials, wife, and children considered as clinging?
Q34: How to explain that Jataka texts mentions Animals, and Trees as talking?
Q35: What did the Buddha say on rebirth, and its causes?
             23 April 2016 Dhamma on Air #20: Relics, Passions, Dreams, and Aliens
Q25: Why are beings born with different levels of passions? (Pride, Anger, Greed, and Lust)
Q26: Why do they realize early or late in their life the adverse effects of these passions?
Q27: What are the remaining Relics after Lord Buddha Gotama?
Q28: What is Bhante's idea about Dreams according to Buddhism?
Q29: If there were alien life in space how can and would they contact us?
        Would they contact some humans with special abilities?
        Is Buddhists a kind of ambassadors, mediators or translators to these life-forms?
             17 April 2016 Dhamma on Air #19 Meditation increases IQ
Q20: After gaining Stream Entrance, does the fruit of one's Kamma accelerate?
Q21: After gaining Stream Entrance, does Mara attack you more aggressively?
Q22: What and how is the Asura Angry Demon Realm?
Q23: Are we a sort of a non-local hologram of an information?
Q24: Does meditation increase the intelligence quotient (IQ)?
             10 April 2016 Dhamma on Air #18: Conditioned Clustering
Q14: What are the 5 aggregates, the 5 clusters of clinging (=the 5 khandhas):
Are these 5 clusters a karmic result, or a just guide to understanding no-self (anatta)?
Q15: Do you have a description of the hungry ghost beings & dimensions (peta worlds)?
Q16: Is there a meta-fundamental, all underlying, & metaphysical "ground of all being"?Q4: Is the conception of egg + sperm-cell enough to create a new conscious being?
Q17: Does the rebirth destination match with the karmic accumulation of the dead person?
Q18: If Buddha spoke against blind ritualism, why do many rituals exist within Buddhist culture?
Q19: Is "personal life" just a belief in an entity called "I" or "me", which conceives good & bad?
              4 April 2016 Dhamma on Air #17: Reincarnation Research
Q13: What science is done on Rebirth?
         20 March 2016 Dhamma on Air #16: Rebirth Transmigration
Q5: Do we still have the Gotama Buddha’s True Dhamma teachings intact?
Q6: How to cure sorrow over death, and thus separation from loved family?
Q7: Does the mental state of the death moment determine the rebirth destination?
Q8: Did the Buddha tell how, and when beings, and the Cosmos began to exist?
Q9: How to maintain emotional balance, and calm in conflict situations?
Q10: If there is no self, how does one transcend/reincarnate into a new existence?
Q11: Will and can prayers, and mantra-repetition improve any individual's future?
Q12: Can a lay person achieve Enlightenment without becoming a monk or nun?
         13 March 2016 Dhamma on Air #15: The mental & the mind-made body
Q1: How to redirect myself away from always seeking sense pleasure?
Q2: What advice would you give about becoming a monk?
Q3: When Buddha talked about the flame that goes out, what was he referring to?
The extinguishing of all craving, and all defilements, or something else?
Q4: The organic human body is maintained by biological and neural processes.
Is the "Clear Light" of consciousness caused by these biological and neural activities?
Q5: How could MahaMoggallana visit other worlds without a self, soul, or astral body?
Was it a form of lucid dreaming, or something else?
Q6: How to properly remove broken Buddha statues in a suitable way?
Q7: Why did the blessed Buddha not allow women to ordain, when first requested?
Q8: Why are all historic Buddhist events celebrated on poya/uposatha/observance days?
Q9: Is consuming a glass of red wine breaking the 5th training-rule (of the 5 Pancha-Sila precepts)?
           6 March 2016 Dhamma on Air #14: Stream-Entry and the 5 Hindrances
Q1: Are the 5 hindrances caused by having a physical body?
Q2: Can formless beings experience desire without contact as a requisite?
Q3: How long time can there be between Sotāpatti Magga (path) and Sotāpatti phala (fruit)?
Q4: What can a person do to shorten this gap?
Q5: Why is there this time gap between magga and phala?
Why do some gain Path and Fruit at the same time?
Q6: What exactly is this Sotāpanna Phala (fruit)? Is it a state of Jhanic bliss,
or is it something different like Nibbanic peace? Does one experience it during meditation,
or while walking, standing? How long does the experience of Phala fruit last?
Q7: Are there any stories in Tipitaka that describes attaining Sotāpatti phala (fruit)?
Q8: Have you ever met a person or monk, who has attained some magic abhinnas?
Did you witness such super-human powers? Can you share with us some interesting stories?
    28 February 2016 Dhamma on Air #13: The 3 Jewels
Q1: What is meant by: “Mind being in the heart“?
Q2: Why can the great element water (Apo-dhatu) = fluidity not be directly sensed?
Q3: Please explain the pali text on Lord Buddha: "Iti pi so bhagava araham ..."
Q4: Please explain the pali text on the Dhamma: "Svakkhato Bhagavata dhammo ..."
Q5: Please explain the pali text on the Sangha : "Supatipanno Bhagavato savakasangho ..."
Q6: How to be reborn in a higher than human world and still practice Vipassana?
Q7: Did the Buddha ever speak about the "wonder of life"?
Q8: Please explain why a Noble does not feel sad by all beings’ suffering in Samsara.
    21 February 2016 Dhamma on Air #12: Death-Consciousness
Q1: What is Sankhara-upekkha-ñana. Can a layperson achieve it?
Q2: How is equanimity different from nihilism or depression?
Q3: Can a person who has achieved stream entrance break the 5 precepts?
Q4: If one forgive others for harms done, would that reduce their karmic effects?
Q5: How should one behave in order to be reborn in a higher than human world?
Q6: Is there any supreme power except the soul?
Q7: What is cuti citta? How can one gain a good cuti citta at the death-moment?
    15 February 2016 Dhamma on Air #11: The 5 Destinations
Q1: How to come to understand suffering?
Q2:Adultery induces rebirth as homosexual. Source text? Other causal karmic relations?
Q3:When we are reborn as humans, are one into the future, or can we be reborn into the past?
Q4: Isn't attachment to a jhāna meditation absorption also a form of clinging?
Q5: How can lay people gain deeper peace, when still craving for primitive things like sex?
Q6: Did Buddha said anything about euthanasia of humans and animals?
Q7: To quit alcohol and tobacco is there any Dhamma-medicine or meditation-method?
Q8: If Mara is performing evil actions, shouldn't he had destroyed himself karmically by now?
Q9: What makes the effect of kamma manifest as good or bad future?
      7 February 2016 Dhamma on Air #10: The Double Slit Experiment
Q1: How to cultivate and harvest fields of plant foods according to Buddhism?
Q2: Is there any explanation of the ‘double slit experiment’ via the Buddha-Dhamma?
Q3: A lay man will either go forth or die at the day of awakening. Why is this so?
Q4: Is addiction to Facebook, YouTube, internet-porn a 5th precept intoxicant?
Q5: Why are Sakka the Chief of the Thirty-Three and the Brahma devas called 'Gods'?
Q6: Are all beings above at the 31 levels of existence following the Buddha-Dhamma?
     24 January 2016 Dhamma on Air #9: Nobles and Past Lives
Q1: Does the death-moment consciousness carry the remembrance of the past lives?
Q2: Are their different Early Buddhist attainments?  Tests or criteria to recognize them?
Q3: What to do with marijuana/pot/cannabis abuse?
Q4: Please explain step by step practice of universal friendship meditation.
Q5: How are the senses to be guarded in praxis if you move through a western city?
Q6: What is a Gandhabba? Are these beings everywhere, and how long do they live?
     17 January 2016 Dhamma on Air #8: The next Buddha Metteyya & Kamma
Q1: How is it that after a few words some Bhikkhus attain Arahantship?
Q2: How does the forest tradition explain this short learning?
Q3: Why does a new Buddha have to come instead of the same old one?
In other words, why does Metteyya have to come instead of Shakyamuni?
Q4: Is it possible to nullify the effects of previous bad kamma (from past lives
and present) which might result in illness etc. through good deeds done in this life?
     10 January 2016 Dhamma on Air #7: 1st Jhāna Absorption and Merit
Q1: How does it feels when one is in first Jhāna?
Q2: How to practice in order to attain first Jhāna?
Q3: If I practice only anapanasati and not Vipasanā meditation ..
Is it then possible to attain Jhāna (Sammā Samādhi)?
Q4: As laypeople living in West how do we continue to motivate
ourselves to keep on developing the Noble 8-fold Way?
Q5: What is the best way to make merit out of the various ways of making merit
and how does one transfer merit to a deceased relative, and how long can
you do this for? Do you have to transfer merit immediately they pass away
or can you keep transferring merit for a long time after?
     3 January 2016 Dhamma on Air #6: Mara and the Multiverse
Q1: There are 31 worlds in this universe, according to Buddha’s teachings,
are there other universes as well? Is there such a thing as Multiverse?
Q2: Who are the 4 guardian gods, and what/who do they guard?
Q3: Is there an individual or a person called Mara/King of Death or
Is he the defiled thoughts of Humans' Minds (Stinking Thinking)?
Q4: “The continuity of Dukkha relies on Kamma”.
Does that mean we have to clear away all our Kamma
(negative and positive) before we attain Nibbana?
Q5: The Buddha talks about the highest form of giving to adorn and decorate the mind.
In what sense and how are we to adorn and decorate the mind?
Q6: DN2 Wrong livelihood for Recluses:
What was the Buddha's view on: Astrology, horoscopes, wearing of talismans,
various rituals to avoid bad or evil influences of the planets on a person's life?
Q7: How long time does the mind exist for?
Does mind come into existence at the start of a new universal cycle?
27 December 2015 Dhamma on Air #5: Kamma and Astrology
Q1: Where is the past life remembrance stored?
Q2: What is the best way to help an elderly dying person?
Q3: How can we be freed from anger?
Q4: How can we heal from sadness?
Q5: What is kamma? How can we purify kamma?
Q6: What is telepathy? How does it work?
Q7: Please explain the rarity of human rebirth, and the emergence of a Buddha.
20 December 2015 Dhamma on Air #4: Love vs. Attachment
Q1: How to use the Satipatthana Sutta MN10 in meditation?
Q2: Is there real love between partners, or is it all about attachment?
Q3: Have you recorded any guided meditations?
Q4: What is the meaning of Yoniso Manasikara?
Q5: What to do with rats, roaches, ants, mosquitoes ao. pests etc?
Q6: Is there a way to prevent backsliding in one's practice?
14 December 2015 Dhamma on Air #3: Mindfulness, Bliss and Porn
Q1: How to gain unbroken mindfulness (sati)?
Q2: What is spiritual bliss - supramundane joy?
Q3: How to reduce greed for sex and porn?
 6 December 2015 Dhamma on Air #2: Mahayana vs. Theravada Buddhism.
Q1: Mahayana vs. Theravada Buddhism. Has Hinduism distorted Buddhism?
Q2: Why don’t the Buddhas appear and help us now?
Q3: How do you handle ignorance/neglect/harassment on the job?
  30 October 2015 Dhamma on Air #1: The 10 mental Perfections
Q1: What are 10 mental Perfections (The 10 Parami = Paramitas):
  13 January 2016 Dhamma on Air Trailer


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