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Doubt vanishes by asking those Who Know!

The brahmin Māgandiya once asked the Buddha some subtle questions:

Question: How does quarrels, and disputes arise?
Answer: From what is liked, and beloved arise quarrels, and disputes.

Question: How does these likes, longings, and hopes emerge?
Answer: Likes, longings, and hopes all have desire as their origin.

Question: How does this desire come into being?
Answer: Desire arises depending on pleasure, and pain.

Question: How does pleasure, and pain then appear?
Answer: Pleasure and pain arises depending on contact.

Question: How does this phenomenon of contact happen?
Answer: Contact arises dependent upon name and form!

Question: How does such sensed contact completely cease?
Answer: When form has disappeared, contacts cannot make contact....

Question: In which mental state does all forms of form disappear?
Answer: In neither-perception-nor-non-perception does all form disappear!

Question: Is this state the supreme mental purity?

Answer: The state of quenching without remnant clinging is the supreme!
The recluse does neither dispute that, nor does he ever prolong any becoming...
Sutta-Nipāta 862-877 Edited excerpt.

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