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How does Kamma cause Rebirth?

In Majjhima Nikāya 135 a brahman raises the problem:
There are found people who are short-lived, and those that are long-lived;
there are found people who are very sick, and those that are healthy;
there are found people who are ugly, and also those that are beautiful;
there are found people who are powerless, and those that are powerful;
there are found people who are poor, and those that are rich; there are found
people who are of low family, and those that are of high family; there are found
people who are stupid, and those that are intelligent. What then, Master Gotama,
is the reason for this diverse inferiority & superiority among human beings?

The Blessed One replied:
Beings are owners of their kamma, inherit their kamma, kamma is their maker
and creator, they are born from and by their kamma, kamma is the womb from
which they emerge, they are linked and associated to their past kamma as their
friend and refuge... Therefore does kamma divide beings into the high and low,
beautiful and ugly!

In Anguttara Nikāya III,40 it is said:
"Killing, stealing, adultery, lying, backbiting, harsh angry speech and empty
prattling, practiced, cultivated and frequently engaged in, will lead to hell,
the animal world or the realm of ghosts." Further: "Whoso kills and is cruel,
will either go to hell, or if reborn as a human, will be short-lived. Whosoever
tortures other beings, will be afflicted with disease. The hater will be ugly &
hideous, the envious will be without influence, the stubborn will be of low rank,
the indolent will be ignorant. In the reverse case, a person will be reborn in a
heavenly world; or, if reborn as a human being, and will be endowed with health,
beauty, influence, riches, noble rank and intelligence."

In the Milindapañha the King asks the Arahat Nagasena:
What is it, Venerable Sir, that will be reborn after death?
O King: A psycho-physical combination of mentality-&-materiality
(name-and-form = nama-rupa). But how? Is it the same psycho-physical
name-and-form combination as this present one? No, O King. But the present
psycho-physical combination produces kammically advantageous and
disadvantageous intentional activities, and through such kamma a new
psycho-physical combination  will be created, conditioned and born.
Source: The Milindapañha

explains in his (Path of Purification):

Whosoever has no clear idea about death and does not know that death consists
in the dissolution of the five groups of existence (i.e. form, feeling, perception,
mental formations, & consciousness), he thinks that it is a person, or being, that
dies and transmigrates to a new body in a new place. And whosoever has no clear
idea about rebirth, and does not know that rebirth consists in the arising of the
five groups of existence, he thinks that it is a person, or being, that is reborn, or
that the person reappears in a new body. And whosoever has no clear idea about
Samsara, the round of rebirths, he thinks that a real person wanders from this
world to another world, comes from that world to this world, etc. And whosoever
has no clear idea about the phenomena of existence, he thinks that the
phenomena are his ego or something appertaining to the ego, or something
permanent, joyful, or pleasant. And whosoever has no clear idea about the
conditional arising of the phenomena of existence, and about the arising of
kammic volitions conditioned through ignorance, he thinks that it is the ego that
understands or fails to understand, that acts or causes to act, that enters into a
new existence at rebirth. Or he thinks that the atoms or the Creator, etc., with
the help of the embryonic process, shape the body, provide it with various
faculties; that it is the ego that receives the sensuous impression, that feels,
that desires, that becomes attached, that enters into existence again in another
world. Or he thinks that all beings come to life through fate or chance. A mere
phenomenon it is, a conditioned thing, that rises in the following existence. But
not from a previous life does it transmigrate there, and yet it cannot arise
without a previous cause. When this conditionally arisen bodily-mental
phenomenon (the fetus) arises, one says that it has entered into a next
existence. However, no being (satta), or life-principle (jiva), has transmigrated
from the previous existence into this existence, and yet this embryo could not
have come into existence without a previous cause.

Path of Purification (Chap. XVII)

Everywhere, in all the realms of existence, the noble disciple sees only mental and
material phenomena kept going through the interlocking of causes and effects. No
producer of the intentional act or kamma does he see apart from the kamma activity
itself, and no recipient of the kamma-result apart from the result itself. And he is well
aware that wise men are using merely conventional language, when with regard to a
kammical act, they speak of a doer, or an agent, or with regard to a kamma-result, they
speak of the recipient of the result. No doer of the deeds is found, No one who ever
reaps their fruits: Only Empty phenomena roll on as conditioned states: This only is the
correct view. The deeds and their results roll on and on, all being conditioned by other
phenomena. In this infinite causal matrix, there is no ultimately first beginning to be
found, just as it is with seed and tree... No god, no Brahma, can be called The maker of
this wheel of life: Only selfless phenomena roll on, all being dependent on and created
by their causal conditions...

The Excerpts here are from: Kamma and Rebirth by Nyanatiloka MahaThera:

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Rebirth and Kamma!

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