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The Relief of Relinquishing all Resentment!

When one's resentment towards any hostile person has been allayed, then
one can deliberately turn a mind with loving-kindness towards any person:
Both the very dear friend, the neutral person, and the hostile opponent!
By repeated praxis of meditation on infinite friendliness one gradually
breaks down the mental barrier of evil opposition thereby accomplishing
mental impartiality towards the 4 persons: oneself, the very dear person,
the neutral person, and the hostile person. Suppose a trainee is sitting in
a place with a dear, a neutral, and a hostile person, himself being the 4th.
Then bandits come to him and say, 'Venerable friend, give us a person so
that we may kill him, and use the blood of his throat as an offering'...!
When one does not see a single one among these four people suitable to
be given to the bandits, and one directs mind impartially towards oneself,
and towards those three people, then one has broken down the barriers...

Breaking the Barrier to imperturbable Impartiality towards all..

Therefore the Ancient Nobles said:
When he does not discriminates between these 4 persons: That is: Himself,
the dear one, the neutral one, and the hostile one, then "Skilled" is not the
name he gets, nor "Most Friendly", but only "Kind towards all beings".
Now when a Bhikkhu's barriers towards all the 4 persons have been broken
down, then he treats with equal amity all beings in the whole world..
Exalted and distinguished is he, who knows no discriminating barriers...
Visuddhimagga 307

Entangled by the bonds of hate, one who seeks his own happiness, by inflicting
pain on others, is never ever delivered from neither pain, suffering, nor hatred.
Dhammapada 291

Those to whom the Dhamma is clear are not led into other doctrines;
Perfectly enlightened with perfect knowledge, they walk evenly over the uneven.
The way is even for such Noble one, for even over the uneven, they walk evenly.

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Releasing all Resentment..

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