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 Sad Sorrow consumes the Dejected Mind!


Sorrow and sadness is a burning of mind associated with loss of relatives,
loss of job, social position, lover, spouse, and whatever favoured belonging.
Where grief oppresses mind, sorrow has inner consuming as characteristic.
Its function is to consume the mind completely, as if eating it up from inside.
It is manifested as a constant gloomy sadness of a deprived depressed mind.
It is suffering, because it is an intrinsic mental torment, where the mind
with this melancholic state as its basis & source tortures itself even more!
This sadness is part and parcel of the
The 1st Noble Truth on Suffering...

Sorrow is like a poisoned dart! That penetrates a being's heart;
Setting up a consuming burning there, Like burning with a red-glowing spear;
This state of mind brings future pain: Such as disease, and then ever again:
Ageing and death, so one may thus tell: Wherefore it is called pain as well...

Source: The Path of Purification: Visuddhimagga

Sorrow is as all other suffering an inevitable effect of craving and clinging...
Irreversible elimination of all craving and clinging therefore cures all sorrow!

On this basic existential fact of Suffering (Dukkha):

Sad is Sorrow!

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