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What causes this possessive Clinging to what is Painful?

At Savatthi, while seated, Venerable Rādha asked the Blessed Buddha:
Venerable Sir, one says: "A Being!" In what way, Sir, is one a being?
When one is stuck, Rādha, tightly stuck, in desire, lust, delight, & craving
for form, then one is called a being! When one is trapped within yearning,
longing, fascination, and craving for feeling, for perception, for mental
constructions and for all the various forms of consciousness, in so far as
this violent force of clinging is still active, then one is defined as a being...
Imagine, Rādha, some small boys & girls who are playing with sand castles.
So long as they are not devoid of desire, affection, attraction, delight, &
fascination for those sand castles, then they will like them, play with them,
treasure & guard them, be obsessed with them & treat them possessively...
But as soon as the small boys & girls lose their desire, delight, affection,
attraction, and fascination for those sand castles, then they scatter them
with their hands & feet, bulldoze them, shatter them, and eradicate them!
So too should you, Rādha, scatter form, destroy it, shatter it, eradicate it
by practicing the stilling of all craving for form. So too should you scatter
feeling, scatter perception, scatter constructions, & scatter consciousness,
demolish it, shatter it, tear it down, by the practicing of the destruction
of craving. For this destruction of craving,
Rādha, is peace, is all freedom,
is pure bliss... Absence of craving, Rādha, is Nibbāna...

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Even Sandcastles can be fatal if one craves and longs for them.

The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya 23:2 III 190

Sand Castles!

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