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The Ten Contemplations are Daily Buddhist Routine!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
Bhikkhus and friends: There is one contemplation, which when often practised and developed
leads to the complete turning away from the world, to detachment, to stilling, to ceasing, to
Peace, to final penetrating knowledge, to Enlightenment, and thus to Nibbāna...
Any Noble Disciple, who by progress has understood the Dhamma dwells frequently in this state.
What is that unique contemplation? It is reflecting over the qualities of the Noble Sangha thus:
Perfectly training is this Noble Sangha community of the Buddha's Noble Disciples. They are
training the right way, the true way, the good way, the direct way! Therefore do these 8 kinds
of individuals, these four Noble pairs, deserve both gifts, self-sacrifice, offerings, hospitality,
and reverential salutation with joined palms, since this Noble Sangha community of the Buddha's
Noble disciples, is indeed an unsurpassable, and forever unsurpassed field of merit, in this world,
for this world, to honour, support, uphold, respect, and protect..."
Source: Anguttara Nikāya 1:16.3 + 6:10

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