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The Ten Mental Liberators Frees!

Venerable Sariputta once explained:
1.  The experience of deep disgust.
2.  The experience of
death approaching.
3.  The experience of disliking whatever food.
4.  The experience of dispassion with the entire world.
5.  The experience of the inevitable impermanence.
6.  The experience of frustration inherent in decay.
7.  The experience of the impersonality of existence.
8.  The experience of letting go and leaving all behind.
9.  The experience of disinterested, & detached disillusion.  
10. The experience of calming, stilling, ceasing, and ending.

These 10 perceptions are real, true, exactly so and not otherwise,
perfectly realized, comprehended, and formulated by the Buddha!
They cool all craving, relinquish all clinging, and still all urges...
They are therefore to be remembered, recited, and reflected upon
repeatedly.. When made to arise, they release mind into Bliss and Peace!

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Source: The Exhaustive Speeches of the Buddha. Digha Nikāya 34

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Updated: 22 December 2016

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