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Seeing the Possible as Possible!

Once when the Venerable Anuruddha was dwelling at Savatthi in
Jeta's Grove, in Anāthapindika's Park, a number of Bhikkhus went
to the Venerable
Anuruddha and exchanged polite greetings with him.
Then they sat down and asked the Ven.
Anuruddha: Venerable Sir: 
What has the Venerable Anuruddha developed and cultivated so that
he has attained to his famous greatness of direct knowledge?
He answered:
It is, friends, because I have developed and cultivated these four
Foundations of Awareness that I have won great direct knowledge.
What four? Here, friends, I dwell constantly contemplating upon:
he Body only as a formed group, neither as I, me, mine, nor a self...
The Feelings only as passing responses, neither as I, mine, nor a self...
The Mind only as temporary mentalities, neither as I, nor any self...
All Phenomena only as constructed mental states, not as existents...
while eager, clearly comprehending, and fully aware, thereby removing
any desire and frustration rooted in this world! It is, friends, because
I have developed and cultivated these Four Foundations of Awareness
that I have become empowered with suprahuman forces:  I see and
understand the possible as possible, and the impossible as impossible...
Furthermore, I can see and fully understand all the results of any past,
future, and present action (kamma) by way of its potential and cause!
It is because I have cultivated these Four Foundations of Awareness,
that I understand exactly and fully all the resulting
future effects of
any single action, behaviour, way of doing, method and praxis...

Venerable Anuruddha

For details on the mechanics of Kamma = Action see:


Kamma is an accumulation of Conditional Probabilities...


Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. [V:304]
section 52: Anuruddha. Thread 15-7: The Possible as Possible!

Seeing the Possible as Possible..

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