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The 7 Links to Awakening develop Sequentially:

The Blessed Buddha once explained:
Whenever while withdrawn in body and withdrawn in mind one reflects on the
then the Awareness Link to Awakening arises and develops.
Thus acutely aware one examines that awareness itself..

Whenever examining a mental state, then the Investigation Link to Awakening
arises and develops. While thus being curious and enthusiastically investigating,
keen energy is now aroused!

Whenever energy is aroused in one who is enthusiastic, then the Energy Link
to Awakening arises and develops. When energetic and enthusiastic one succeeds:
Therefore Joy is born from that advance.

Whenever achieving in eager joy, then the Joy Link to Awakening arises and
develops. One thus joyous becomes mentally satisfied, and therefore calmed
both in body and in mind!

Whenever calmed in body and mind, then the Tranquillity Link to Awakening
arises and develops. One thus satisfied, calmed, serene, settled and tranquil
in both body and mind becomes exquisitely Happy!

Whenever calmed and comfortable in the body, and tranquil & happy in the mind,
then the
Concentration Link to Awakening arises and develops. When mentally
concentrated one reviews all states rationally and reasonably, as if from above..

Whenever one well balanced reviews all phenomena rationally and realistically,
then the
Equanimity Link to Awakening arises and develops. In Equanimity one
knows and sees things just so, right as they really are now, and later become.

It is in this very way that The Seven Links to Awakening develop sequentially,
one after the
other; successively one leading to, and producing the next...

On these 7 Links to Awakening (Sambojjhanga):

Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya.
Book [V: 67-69] section 46: The Links.3: Morality....

The Sequential Seven..

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