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 The Only Clever Killing:

Sakka - the king of the 33 divinities - once
spoke these verses to the Blessed Buddha:

Having slain what, does one sleep in ease?
Having slain what, does one never sorrow?
What is the one thing
0ohh Gotama
Whose killing you can approve of?

The Blessed One:
Having slain Anger, one sleeps in ease;
Having slain Anger, one does not sorrow
The killing of Anger, 0ohh Vasava
With its poisoned root and honeyed tip:
This is the only killing, the Noble Ones approve of.
Because having slain that, one does never ever grieve!

King Sakka continued:
I am not one easily upset in mind.
Nor easily agitated by anger's whirl.
I never become angry for long;
Nor does anger hang on in me.
When angry, I do not despise.
Nor do I praise own qualities.
I keep myself well under control.
Thus protecting my own
good future!

Therefore: Bring Anger under control;
Do not let your friendships waste away.
Do not blame the one, who is blameless;
Do not speak splitting, or divisive speech..
Their own anger crushes all enraged people...
Like the roaring mountain avalanche buries the village!

Do not let Anger overpower you;
Do not become angry with the angry.
Do not become angry with the anger.
Noble Ones always remain harmless.
Their own hate crushes angry people.
Like a devastating mountain avalanche!

Not by anger is Hate ever quenched.
Only by Kind Friendliness is Hate always quenched.
This Ancient Law is an
Eternal Truth ...
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Source: The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya I 237-40

Kill Anger!

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