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The Grouped Sayings - Saṃ̣yutta Nikāya  23:15 III [196.1]

Suffering - Dukkha

At Savatthi. While once seated, the Venerable Radha asked the Blessed One:

Venerable Sir, one says: Suffering!!  What, Venerable Sir, is suffering?

Form, Radha, is suffering, feeling is suffering, perception is suffering, mental constructions are suffering, consciousness is suffering...!!!
Understanding this, Bhikkhus, a well instructed Noble Disciple experiences disgust towards form, disgust towards feeling, disgust towards perception, disgust towards mental construction, & disgust towards consciousness itself! Experiencing disgust, he becomes disillusioned! Through disillusion his mind is released. When it is released, one instantly knows: This mind is liberated, and one understands: Extinguished is birth, this Noble Life is all completed, done is what should be done, there is no state of being beyond this...










Saved: 24 December 2016
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