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Some Clues about the Fundamental Mentality creating all Existence:

Observer Participation: The world emerges, when it is observed!
The world is not 'out there' independent of the mind, but it is indeed synthesized
by a mass-collective asking of yes-no questioning by many being's observation, through
an immense number of prior universes passing from big bang to implosion (big crunch)!
This creation by creating binary information can be epitomized in the dogma:
- It from Bit - ! John Archibald Wheeler - Quantum Physicist, Princeton.

Information is Physical and not Subjective:
Any gain in information (which is a measure of order) induces a decrease in entropy
(which is a thermodynamic measure of disorder)! The creation and transfer of information
happening at any measurement & observation, thus changes the energetic state & thus future
development of the observed system! Observation itself - by definition, per se - thus influence,
transform & change the observed object, including the entire world and universe...
Modified freely after W.H. Zurek. Quantum Physicist, Los Alamos.

Appearance by intentional determination of directed attention:
We are actually bringing about, what seems to be happening to us! Thomas Mann. Philosopher
What Exists is identical with the thought that recognizes it! Parmenides of Elea (515-450 BC)
Phenomena appears and are created by the very act of directing attention to them...
This advertence which is deliberate, specific and intentional is produced by desire...
The 'scene' or 'image' appears only, and exactly when actually observing it!

Just Modes of Conceptualization:
Time and space are not conditions in which we live, but modes by which we think... Albert Einstein.
Time and space are not objective things, but mentally imposed orders of things... Leibniz

Just Cause and Effect:
Intentional action (karma = Kamma) is decisive information about to do this & not that!
This information creation reduces the universal thermodynamic entropy (degree of disorder)...
This newly created order limits, restricts & thus affects the future evolution of the universal system.
The probability of certain future events happening have thereby been increased, while the probability
of other future events have been reduced. Any intention by any being thereby modifies & partitions the
potentiality of the universe - seen as a giant network of cause and effect- which then naturally later
falls out and manifests as another - now intentionally changed! - actuality...
The moral efficacy of kamma = karma = action is therefore not a religious metaphysical postulate,
but a simple & ultra-basic inevitable consequence of the mentally derived nature of the universe itself...
Morality is thus a natural and inevitable Law on par with gravity:
Do good and get pleasure (Sukha)... Do evil and get pain (Dukkha)...  Bhikkhu Samāhita 2008

The Buddha on the ORIGIN:
Intention always comes first,
Intention is of all states the primer,
By intention are all things initiated,
By thought of mind are all phenomena formed!
So - if with good intention one thinks, speaks or acts
Joy surely follows one like the never-leaving shadow!
- if with evil intention one thinks, speaks or acts
Pain certainly follows one like the wheel follows the car.
Dhammapada 1 + 2

The Buddha was first on pragmatic Radical Empiricism:
Attention is the proximate cause of all phenomena!
Samyutta Nikāya V 184


The Participant Observer principle:
The universe as a self-excited circuit: Starting from small (thin right line) it
gradually grows denser (thick left line) by observers participating in creation,
by merely intentionally (mental causation!) observing what is gradually emerging!
Illustration by
John Archibald Wheeler. Source: Law without Law.

The stuff of the world is mind-stuff.
(Eddington, The Nature of the Physical World)

The old dualism of mind and matter... seems likely to disappear ...
through substantial matter resolving itself into a creation and
manifestation of the mind.
(Jeans, The Mysterious Universe)

The only acceptable point of view appears to be the one that recognizes
both sides of reality—the quantitative and the qualitative, the physical
and the psychical—as compatible with each other, and can embrace them
simultaneously. (Pauli, Writings on Physics and Philosophy)

The conception of the objective reality of the elementary particles has
thus evaporated not into the cloud of some obscure new reality concept,
but into the transparent clarity of a mathematics that represents no longer
the behaviour of the particle but rather our knowledge of this behaviour.
(Heisenberg, The Representation of Nature in Contemporary Physics)

The Origin is Mental: It from Bit!

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