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What is Starving of the Mental Hindrances?

At S
avatthi the Blessed Buddha once explained:

What, friends, is the starvation, that prevents the arising of Sense-Desire,
and blocks growth of already arisen Sense-Desire?
It is frequent and careful attention to the Disgusting Features of things!
This starvation prevents sensual lust from arising, and reduces present greed...

And what, friends, is the starvation that prevents the arising of Ill-Will and
which also hinders aggravation and inflation of any already arisen Ill-Will?
It is frequent, careful and rational attention to Universal Friendliness :-)
This starvation prevents aversion from arising, and evaporates present anger...

And what is the starvation, that prevents arising of Lethargy-and-Laziness,
and which also eliminates already present Lethargy-and-Laziness?
It is attention to these 3 elements of: Initiative, Launching, and Endurance!
This starvation prevents sloth from arising, and stops already present laziness.

And what is the starving that prevents arising of Restlessness-and-Regret,
and also retards escalation of any already present Restlessness-and-Regret?
It is frequent attention to this sweet, calm and peaceful Tranquillity of Mind!

This starvation prevents upsetting of the mind, and reduces anxiety and worry...

What is the starvation that prevents the arising of Doubt-and-Uncertainty,
and which also stops proliferation of already present Doubt-and-Uncertainty?
It is frequent, careful, rational attention and evaluation of these 4 Dualities:
There are advantageous and disadvantageous states! There are blameable and
blameless states
! There are ordinary and exalted states! There are bright and
dark mental states
This starvation prevents confusion of the mind, and it also
dampens proliferation of any already arisen and present perplexity...

Memorize and "substitute as required", whenever a hindrance is noticed!

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Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya.
Book [V:105-6] section 46: The Links. 51: The Nutriments...

Starving the Hindrances..

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