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Stilling all Clinging ceases all Suffering!

The Buddha once said about the relinquishing of the 5 Clusters of Clinging:
The fading away, silencing, stilling, ceasing and bringing to an end of all feeling, of all
perception, of all mental construction, and of all consciousness, only this pacification
completely eliminates all suffering, ends all disease, and fully overcomes all decaying,
all sickness, all ageing, and all death...
SN 22:30

Comments: Let the wave run out in mirror-blank silver lake silence!
The fluid motion we call a wave, which creates the optical illusion of one and the same
mass of water moving linearly all over the surface of the lake, is produced by the wind,
and maintained by the stored up energies. Now, after the wind has ceased, and if no new
wind again whips up the lake water, then the stored up energies will gradually be exhausted,
and that will slowly cease all the perturbed motion! The wave will come to an end, by gradual
diminishing, and running out.. Similarly, if a fire does not get new fuel, it will gradually quench...
Just in exactly the same way is this proces
s of 5 Clusters of Clinging, which the uneducated
identifies with and construes as an illusory I-Me-Ego, produced and fed by craving (Tanhā),
and maintained for some time by means of the stored up fuel of past long habituated clinging...
If no new craving impels again, then the accumulation of past clinging will be exhausted and
the process of 5 Clusters of Clinging will reach final extinction. This ultimate stilling of the
process of clinging is called Nibbāna, and if it occurs at the death of the Arahat, then it is
called Anupadisesa-Nibbāna, i.e., Nibbāna  with no residual traces of clinging remaining...

Source: (edited excerpts): Venerable Nyanatiloka Mahāthera.
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