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Dear Dhamma Friends & Supporters:
A recent violent storm-flood caused by a heavy rainfall on >100mm in 6 hours killed 16 people
up here in the mountains by mudslides and battered the micro-hydropower-plant here by
1: Lifting up and tossing about a cement-bridge, 2: Trashing & Blowing-Out an intake-filter-box,
3: Cutting a 2 inch PVC pipeline, 4: Digging up several 2 inch Polyethylene pipelines and
5: Blocking out 3 out of 4 turbine nozzles in the generator with sand, silt and pebbles!
See pictures below for documentation and explanation.
A major repair including re-laying of several pipelines and full cementing of many
fragile places like pipeline stream crossings and water intake filter-boxes is
therefore necessary before the next rain-storm arrives... (Anicca ... sigh)
Since the electricity hereby ensured is required for the Dhamma-sharing is your
kind and gracious assistance with this crucial repair hereby gently requested.
Many Thanx in Advance _/_

All on-line Donations are processed securely by credit cards + bank accounts are accepted.

Trashed and blown-out micro-hydro-power filter-intake box. New is needed.

Pipe battered by handball sized stones rolling about in roaring flood-water

2 inch PVC pipe splintered and broken

150 kg Cement bridge lifted up off foundation and tossed down into cave!

Pipes digged out despite being buried 1-2 feet down underground!

Tree debarked 2 meters up by stony brown-black roaring flood water!

~100 meters expensively hand-digged new & higher lying pipe canal

3 inch earth cracks and level depression pending an earth-slip/mud-slide!

Preliminary pipe elevation in dire & urgent need of a solid cement foundation!

Many Thanx in Advance!
All on-line Donations are processed securely by credit cards + bank accounts are accepted.

About Generosity (Dāna): The First Mental Perfection:

a nice & noble day!

Friendship is the Greatest!
Bhikkhu Samāhita _/_ ]

Sabbe Sattâ Bhavantu Sukhi Tatthâ:
May Many Beings Become Thus Happy Thereby!

Some Storm-flood assistance is needed

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