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The Entrance of the Stream towards NibbanA:

Once in Savatthi the Blessed Buddha said this:
Bhikkhus, a Noble Disciple who possesses four things is a Stream-Enterer, who is
no longer bound to the lower worlds, fixed in destiny, with Enlightenment as his
assured destination. What four?
Here, a Noble Disciple possesses confirmed confidence in the Buddha in this way:
Worthy, honourable and perfectly self-Enlightened is the Blessed Buddha!
Consummated in knowledge and behaviour, totally transcended, expert in all
dimensions, knower of all worlds, unsurpassable trainer of those who can be tamed,
both teacher and guide of gods as well as of humans, blessed, exalted, Awakened
and Enlightened is the Buddha!
Any Noble Disciple possesses confirmed confidence in the Dhamma in this way:
Perfectly formulated is this Buddha-Dhamma, visible right here and now, immediately
effective, timeless, inviting each and everyone to come and see for themselves, inspect,
examine and verify. Leading each and everyone through progress towards perfection.
Directly observable, experiencable and realizable by each intelligence...
Any Noble Disciple possesses confirmed confidence in the Sangha in this way:
Perfectly training is this Noble Sangha community of the Buddha's Noble disciples;
training the right way, the true way, the good way, the direct way! Therefore do these
eight kinds of individuals, the four Noble pairs, deserve both gifts, self-sacrifice,
offerings, hospitality and reverential salutation with joined palms, since this Noble
Sangha community of the Buddha's Noble disciples, is an unsurpassable and forever
unsurpassed field of merit in and for this world to honour, respect, protect & support..
Any Noble Disciple possesses Morality  esteemed by the Noble Ones in this way:
Unbroken, untorn, unspotted, unmottled, pure, freeing, praised by the clever and wise,
genuine, leading to mental concentration, and absorption...
These 4 factors of Stream-Entry do all Noble Disciples possess!
Any Noble Disciple, Bhikkhus, who possesses these 4 true qualities is a Stream-Enterer,
no longer bound to the lower world, fixed in destiny, with Awakening as his certain and
guaranteed destination.

This is what the Blessed One said. Having said this, the Fortunate One, the Teacher,
further said this:

Those who possess Faith and Morality, Confidence and vision of the Dhamma,
In time arrive at the supreme Happiness grounded upon and born of this Noble life..

Notes: The Stream Winner!
A Stream-Enterer (Sotāpanna)  has maximum 7 lives left to live before Enlightenment.
He/she cannot be reborn in hell, as ghost, animal, or as angry demon, and are thus safe
from this all to common catastrophic and excruciating downfall! Further details see:

More on gaining a surely safe future: Stream-Entry:

Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. [V:343-4]
section 55: Sotāpattisamyutta. Thread 2: Grounded...

The Stream Winner!

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