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What are The 4 Tools for Stream Entrance?

Once in Savatthi the Blessed Buddha said this:
Sariputta: A tool for Stream-Entry, a tool for Stream-Entry.
What, Sariputta, is a tool for Stream-Entry?
1: Association with superior persons, is a tool for Stream-Entry.
2: Hearing the true Dhamma is a tool for Stream-Entry.
3: Careful and rational attention is a tool for Stream-Entry.
4: Praxis according with the Dhamma is a tool for Stream-Entry.
Good, good, Sariputta! These 4 are the tools for Stream-Entry!
Sariputta, The stream, the stream. What is the stream?
This Noble 8-fold Way, Venerable Sir, is the stream; that is

Right View
Right Motivation
Right Speech
Right Action
Right Livelihood
Right Effort
Right Awareness
Right Concentration

Good, good, Sariputta! This Noble 8-fold Way is verily the stream.
Sariputta: A Stream-Enterer! What is a Stream-Enterer?
One who possesses this Noble 8-fold Way, Venerable Sir.
Good, good, Sariputta! One who possesses this Noble 8-fold Way
is a
Stream-Enterer: this Venerable One of such a name & family.

Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. [V:347-8]
section 55: Sotāpattisamyutta. Thread 5: Sāriputta...

Notes: The Stream Winner!
A Stream-Enterer (Sotāpanna) has a maximum of 7 lives left before
his Enlightenment! He/she cannot be reborn in hell, as ghost, animal,
or as angry demon, & is thus safe from downfall! Further details see:
See also: The 4 factors of Stream-Entry

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The 4 Tools for Stream Entrance!

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