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The Five Ways to Overcome Annoying Irritation!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
There are, Bhikkhus & friends, five methods of overcoming irritation,
whereby the anger & annoyance that has arisen in a Bhikkhu may be
overcome, stilled and quelled on the spot. Which are these?
Towards any person against whom hate, anger or nuisance might arise,
1: One should develop all-embracing kind friendliness ...
2: One should develop all-embracing compassionate pity ...
3: One should develop imperturbable & indifferent equanimity ...
4: One should not pay him any attention or consideration at all ...
5: One should know the law of the ownership of kamma, that oneself
& this person too is the owner & inheritor of the results of own action!
That oneself & this person too is created by the results of own action!
That oneself & this person too has the result of own action as destiny!
In these 5 ways may the wise Bhikkhu overcome his anger & hatred!
AN 5:161

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