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How to Dwell abiding in Successful Recollection:

The Blessed Buddha once told hi
s cousin the Noble Layman Mahānāma:
One who has faith is successful, Mahānāma, not one who has no faith.
One who is energetic is successful, Mahānāma, not one who is lax and lazy.
One who is acutely aware is successful, Mahānāma, not one who is negligent.
One who is concentrated is successful, Mahānāma, not one who is distracted.
One who understands is successful, Mahānāma, not one of no understanding.
Having established yourself in these five abilities, Mahānāma, then you should
always dwell recollecting:

1: The Blessed One
2: The Dhamma
3: The Sangha
4: Own Purity
5: Own Generosity
6: The Deities

Doing this, Mahānāma, one wins the joy and special thrill that goes with the Dhamma.
From joy grows satisfaction. From satisfaction grows calm. From a calm body
grows happiness. From happiness grows concentration. Concentrated, Mahānāma,
one dwells as serene among those agitated. One dwells joyous among those in anger...
Anguttara Nikaya  V 329-32

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