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Good is Substitution of the 5 Hindrances with their opposites:


1: Sense-Desire  (kāma-chanda) should be substituted with attention to disgust.

2: Angry ill-will (vyāpāda) should be substituted with gentle universal friendliness.

3: Lethargy-&-laziness (thīna-middha) can be substituted with enthusiastic energy.

4: Restlessness-&-regret (uddhacca-kukkucca) should be substituted with calm.

5: Skeptical doubt (vicikicchā) should be substituted with incisive examination.


Substitution of these 5 hindrances works as long, as one is aware of them...
Momentary suppression of these 5 hindrances is obtained during Meditation...
Irreversible elimination by cut-off is achieved, when attaining Nobility... 

On the 5 Mental Hindrances (nīvarana) and their cure:

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