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Drop of Dhamma Delight!


     What made the Bodhisatta seek Enlightenment?

Sitting in his upper chamber the immensely rich young brahmin Sumedha thought like this:

Not seeking Purity:
When a man soiled in dirt sees a pure lotus covered lake, but does not seek it to get a clean bath,

it is not an error of the lake, but a fault of the dirty man...
Even and exactly so: When there is the great lake of the deathless
Nibbāna capable of purifying
all the mental defilements, yet it is not being sought by the mentally polluted being, then it is not
an error of this immortal state, but a fatal fault of the mentally contaminated human being...

Neglecting the Way:
When a man surrounded by robbers does not flee, though there is a possible way to escape, then it
is not an error of this open way, but a fault of the man neglecting to break free by this road...
Even and exactly so: When there is this blessed
Noble 8-fold Way leading straight to absolute
freedom, yet it is not being used, then is not an error of this supreme method, but a fault of the
man failing to follow, clear and develop this ancient path...

Rejecting the Doctor:
When a seriously sick man does not seek the help of the doctor, who knows the effective cure,
then is neither a fault of the doctor, nor of the medical treatment, but a mistake of the sick man!
Even and exactly so: When there is this sublime
Teacher, who can cure all mental diseases & thereby
allay all frustration and pain, yet he is not being sought, then - indeed - it is not a fault of this guide,
but a grave error of anyone mentally unhealthy, defiled in mind, and thus prone for downfall... 

These thoughts made the young man give away all his richness and become recluse in the Himalayas:

Later he met the Buddha Dīpankara and at his feet made the determination to be come a Buddha!

More on the Bodhisatta Sumedha, who later bloomed as Gotama Buddha:

He made himself into a bridge over some mud so Buddha Dipankara's feets would not be soiled.

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