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Tranquillity is the way to Superhuman Delight!

Tranquillity comes due to insight. As he is sitting, whether by night or by day,
then he experiences neither fatigue, heaviness, rigidity, slowness, nor sickness
in his body, nor in his mind, but rather his body and mind are tranquil, very light,
adaptable, pliable, quite sharp and ultra-clear! With his body and mind aided by
such tranquillity, he experiences a superhuman delight, about which it is said:

A Bhikkhu with his mind all quiet... Retired to a remote and empty place.
There right insight in the Dhamma, awards him a superhuman delight!
It is because he really comprehends the rise and fall of all phenomena,
that he relishes in this high happiness: A
silent joy not of this world!
A bliss transcending the human!
And he knows it to be the deathless...
Dhammapada 373-74

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Supra-Human Delight!

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