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Suprahuman Force is gained by Awareness!

Once when the Venerable Anuruddha was dwelling at Savatthi in
Jeta's Grove, Anāthapindika's Park, a number of Bhikkhus went to
the Venerable Anuruddha and exchanged polite greetings with him.
Then they sat down & asked the Venerable Anuruddha: Venerable
Sir:  What has the Venerable Anuruddha developed & cultivated so
that he has attained to his famous greatness of direct knowledge?
It is, friends, because I have developed and cultivated these four
Foundations of Awareness that I have won great direct knowledge.
What four? Here, friends, I dwell constantly contemplating upon:
The body only as a framed group, neither as I, me, mine, nor a self...
The feelings only as passing reactions, neither as I, mine, nor self...
The mind only as habitual & transient moods, neither as I, nor self...
All phenomena only as constructed mental states, not as any real...
while eager, clearly comprehending, & fully aware, thereby removing
all desire & frustration rooted in this world! It is, friends, because
I have developed & cultivated these Four Foundations of Awareness
that I have become empowered with suprahuman force: Having been
one, I become many; having been many, I become one; I appear and I
vanish; I go fully unhindered through a wall, through any barricade,
even through a massive granite mountain as if through open space;
I dive in and out of the earth as if it were water; I travel in space
like a bird seated cross-legged, I walk on water without sinking as
though it were solid earth; with my hand I touch the moon and sun
so powerful and mighty; I master this body and any form as far as
the fine dark matter Brahma World...

Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. [V:303]
section 52: Anuruddha. Thread 12: Suprahuman Force!

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Suprahuman Force!

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