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Mental Purification is best in Sweet Silent Solitude!

Solitude is happiness for one, who is content,
and clearly understands this Dhamma.
Harmlessness is happiness in all worlds,
Kindness towards all living beings. :-)
Udana 10


Avoid going along with fools. Should one fail to find any one,
who is better or equal as a good companion,
then one should continue this journey all alone.
Since there can be no friendship with fools...
Dhammapada Illustration 61 Background Story 61

SWEET and NOT LONELY at all :-)
The one who has tasted the sweetness of solitude
in cooled calm, such one fears not, and wrongdo not,
since so indeed is the sweet joy of this true Dhamma!
Dhammapada Illustration 205 Background Story 205

If one cannot find a clever companion, upright, straight and determined,
then walk alone like a king leaving his kingdom, and like an Elephant freely
roaming in all of the fine forest...
Dhammapada Illustration 329 Background Story 328-330

Life in solitude is better than friendship with the fool.
Let the one live alone, acting only right, freed from greed,
Like the Bull Elephant freely roam in all of the forest.
Dhammapada Illustration 330 Background Story 328-330


Mastering the hands. Mastering the feet.
Mastering the speech. Mastering the thoughts.
Highest Master of Mind, concentrated and composed,
Calm and quite content in sweet secluded solitude,
Such one is indeed rightly called a Bhikkhu ...
Dhammapada Illustration 362 Background Story 362

Comments: Be realistic!
If one cannot be in company with one-self, then something must be wrong!
Any form of company will dissolve, since all meetings end in separation...
The ever socializing parrot-like personality cannot ever end suffering!
Only dead fish float with the stream!

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Sweet is Solitude!

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