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The10 Perfect Qualities Explained:

The 10 Perfect Qualities (Dasa Parami) are:

The 1st Perfection: Generosity (Dāna):
Just as a water pot turned upside down lets all its liquid run out, and takes
none of it back, so
is the perfection of generosity not having the slightest
remorse over what has been given away, even when sacrificing everything!

The 2nd Perfection: Morality (Sīla):
Just as a yak whose tail is caught in bush will rather die than tear it off,
so consists the perfection of morality in being meticulously careful about
keeping all precepts and promises and not breaking them in any circumstance,
even if being threatened with death!

The 3rd Perfection: Withdrawal (Nekkhamma):
Just as one imprisoned in jail does not desire anything more intensely than
to get out of there, so the perfection of withdrawing renunciation consists
in the longing to get out of the prison of transitory existence, and having only
this one wish: To spit out the impermanent, to be rid of it once and for all!

The 4th Perfection: Understanding (Paññā):
Just as a monk on alms-round neglects no house, but goes to all the families
without exception, so the perfection of understanding consists in leaving
no gaps, leaving nothing out, and of being ready to learn from all wise people,
who are more advanced, even though they may be younger than oneself.

The 5th Perfection: Energy (Viriya):
Just as a lion marshals his strength whether standing, going, or sitting even
so does the perfection of energetic and enthusiastic effort consist in keeping
on striving with initiative launching into action, that endures until fulfilment!

The 6th Perfection: Patience (Khanti):
Just as the great earth accepts even the most disgusting things thrown onto
it, so consists the perfection of patience in accepting slander, disgrace and
every disrespect without aversion, enduring them, while letting them pass.

The 7th Perfection: Honesty (Sacca):
Just as a star never strays from its fixed orbit, so consists the perfection
of honest truthfulness in not lying under any circumstances, not moving even
an inch from the actual, and real truth for any trivial advantage whatsoever.

The 8th Perfection: Determination (Adhitthāna):
Just as a mountain stands
immoveable even in the strongest storm and is
incapable of being thrown over, so
consists the perfection of determination
in remaining unshakeable in one's advantageous choices and not being able
to be distracted by anything when pursuing something good and beneficial.

The 9th Perfection: Friendliness (Mettā):
Just as water refreshes and cleanses both just and unjust persons without
discrimination, so does the perfection of friendliness include both friends
and foes alike and doesn't display any distinction, favouritism, or partiality.

The 10th Perfection: Equanimity (Upekkhā):
Just as the great earth remains unmoved and equanimous, avoiding like and
dislike whether one throws pure or impure things onto it, even so does the
perfection of equanimity consist in always remaining, calm and composed,
neither being repulsed, nor attracted, whether by any pain or any pleasure.
Imperturbable even in strong conflicts, as well as in the greatest success!

Sujātā perfecting generosity by giving The Buddha his last meal before Awakening!

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Source: Buddhavamsa II verses 117-166 (Edited Excerpt):
In: Similes of the Buddha: An introduction BP 427S by Hellmuth Hecker.
Tr. Ven. Khantipālo and Ven. Piyadhammo. Ed. Ven. Nyanatusita.

The 10 Perfections Explained.

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