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Human Beings Possess 22 Abilities!

The 6 sense sources (Āyatana):
1. The ability to see via the eye (cakkhu)
2. The ability to hear via the ear (sota)
3. The ability to smell via the nose (ghāna)
4. The ability to taste via the tongue (jivhā)
5. The ability to touch via the body (kāya)
6. The ability to think & experience via the mind (mano)

The 3 kinds of Becoming (bhava):
7. The ability to be a woman = feminine (itthi)
8. The ability to be a man = masculine (purisa)
9. The ability to be alive = vitality (jīvita)

The 5 Feelings (vedanā):
10. The ability to feel bodily pleasant feeling (sukha)
11. The ability to feel bodily pain (dukkha)
12. The ability to feel mental gladness (somanassa)
13. The ability to feel mental sadness (domanassa)
14. The ability to feel neutral indifference (upekkhā)

The 5 Spiritual abilities (bala):
15. The ability to have convinced faith (saddhā)
16. The ability to harness energy (viriya)
17. The ability to be aware and mindful (sati)
18. The ability to concentrate mind (samādhi)
19. The ability to understand (paññā)

The 3 Supramundane abilities:
20. The ability to come to know the yet unknown (aññātaññassāmītindriya)
21. The ability of the highest knowledge (aññindriya)
22. The ability of him who knows the highest (aññātāvindriya)

Using these 22 tools beings can reach lasting happiness (Nibbāna),
which is the sole purpose and final meaning of all being in existence...

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The 22 Abilities...

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