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Having Observed, yet failed to pay Attention!

Right after death during transmigration the Yāma deva asks one this:
"Did you never see in this world a man or a woman, eighty, ninety, or a 100
years old, frail, crooked as a gable-roof, bent down, resting on crutches,
with tottering steps, shaking, far from young, with broken teeth, grey &
scanty hair or bald, wrinkled, with black blotched limbs? Did that sight
never make you think, that you also will become old, and cannot escape it?
Did you never in this world see a man or a woman who, being sick, ailing,
and grievously ill, fumbling in own filth and excrement, lifted up by some
and put to bed by others? And did that sight never make you think that
you also inevitably will become sick, and that you cannot ever escape it?
Did you never in this world see the corpse of a man or a woman, 1, 2 or
three days dead, swollen up, pale bluish-black, smelling and half-rotten?
Did that repulsive sight never make you realize, that you indeed also
inevitably will meet death, disintegrate and that you cannot escape it?"
Source: (edited excerpt) Anguttara Nikaya 3:35


Despite observing this Suffering, one self-deceives: "It will not come to me"!
Paying attention to these 3 divine messengers can lift you out of Samsara...

All in this World, whatsoever, is Suffering: This is the 1st Noble Truth:

Naive Self-Deception...

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