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There are Three Gateways to Enlightenment!

It is these 3 contemplations that produce the three gateways to Awakening!
These three gateways to liberation lead to the only outlet from this world:

Seeing mainly impermanence leads the determined one to the signless liberation:
Seeing all constructions as impermanent, limited in space, circumscribed in time,
and always liable to inevitable destruction makes mind enter into the signless state.
When such disciple, through determination, comprehends all phenomena as evanescence
impermanence, transience, and a vanishing void, he then acquires the signless liberation.

Considering mainly suffering leads the calm one to the desireless liberation:
Regarding of all constructions as an ultimately painful misery, thus seeing all phenomena
as a terror, addicting, imprisoning, stirring up and torturing any being, makes the mind
enter into the desireless state. When one who dwells in tranquillity regards all formations
as one great massed up heap of sure suffering, then he acquires the desireless liberation..

Meditating mainly on no-self leads the intelligent one to the void liberation:
Comprehending all things, constructions, phenomena and states as alien, remote, ownerless,
selfless, egoless, coreless, impersonal, insubstantial and neither-I-me-nor-mine, makes mind
enter into the void empty state. When one who has great wisdom comprehends all phenomena
as no-self, then he acquires this exceedingly subtle void liberation...

These three gateways to liberation leading to the only exit from this world: Enlightenment!
This is therefore Knowledge and Vision of the Noble Way!
Ps II 48+58, Visuddhimagga 658

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The Enlightenment reached is in all 3 cases the very same..

The 3 Gateways...

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