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What are the 3 kinds of Buddhist Gifts?

Three kinds of gift are mentioned in Buddhism, namely:
1: Amisa dāna: The gift of material things,
2: Abhaya dāna: The fearless gift of life,
3: Dhamma dāna: The gift of real Truth...

Amisa dāna: – or the gift of material things is practiced by people of all
religions and is very common. Food, clothes and houses are given to people of
little means or to refugees through various religious and social organizations.
It is, no doubt, a good thing to satisfy the hunger of the starving and the
yearning of the thirsty. This type of donation is highly recommended in early
Buddhism and is called the Amisa dāna. (The donation of material things).

Next comes the Abhaya dāna: - or giving life to those whose lives are in danger
caused by fire, water or enemies. Sometimes we hear of people, who are about
to die due to lack of blood. To donate blood and save another human's life is
indeed a great thing. Donation of eyes and kidneys is also highly appreciated
and comes under Abhaya dāna – fearless donation of life. When one leads a life
according to the five precepts based on harmlessness, loving-kindness and sweet
compassion we also give fearlessness Abhaya dāna:  to all the sentient beings. 

The last one: Dhamma dāna: - or the gift of Truth of the Doctrine is said to be
the highest of all donations on earth. Why so? Because it opens the Door to the
Deathless Dimension! There is no other giving, which is even remotely comparable!

Openhanded Giving is the 1st Mental Perfection...

Sabba dānam Dhamma dānam jināti
Sabbam rasam Dhamma raso jināti
Sabbam ratim Dhamma ratī jināti
Tanhakkayo sabba dukkham jināti

The gift of Dhamma surpasses all other gifts.
The flavour of Dhamma surpasses all other flavours..
The delight in Dhamma surpasses all other delights...
He who has destroyed craving overcomes all sorrow....
Dhammapada 354

Most Gods actually became Divine Beings as a result of Giving!

More on Generosity (Dāna) = The 1st mental perfection:

Sumedha - the young millionaire - gives away all his property!

Ven. Weragoda Sarada Maha Thero, Singapore.

The 3 Golden Gifts!

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