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Awareness of the Body just as a Foul Frame!

The Buddha once asked: How does one view the Body only as a Form?
Herein, Bhikkhus & Friends, the Bhikkhu contemplates the body from the
soles of the feet upward, and from the top of the hair downward like this:
This filthy frame with skin stretched over it, which is filled with many kinds
of impurities consists of head-hairs, body-hairs, nails, teeth, skin, flesh,
sinews, bones, marrow, kidneys, heart, liver, vomit, diaphragm, spleen, lungs,
intestine, membranes, stomach, excrement, brain, bile, lymph, pus, blood,
sweat, fat, tears, skin, tallow, spit, snot, joint-fluid, and urine...
Just as if a man with good sight would examine a sack with openings at both
ends, filled with various kinds of grain; paddy, beans, sesame, on opening it
would recognize its contents thus: That is paddy, this is beans, that is sesame,
this is husked rice: Even exactly so does the Bhikkhu investigate this body...
While always fully aware and clearly comprehending, he thus removes any lust,
urge, envy, frustration and discontent rooted in this world!
Such an intelligent Bhikkhu contemplates all remote bodies as quite repulsive
carcasses of filthy and foul form, something bound to emerge, decay and then
inevitably vanish. He does not consider the body to be 'mine', as belonging to
'me', or as 'my self'. He does not see the body as lasting, safe, as any pleasant
beauty, or as happiness! In this way the intelligent Bhikkhu keeps reviewing
any and all bodies, whether internal or external, whether his own or others, and
he notes the cause of its arising, and the cause of its ceasing, or he just notice:
There is this body! In this way he comes to live not clinging to and thus fully
independent of the body! This is the way to contemplate the body only as a
transient empty shell...

The fine reward is fearlessness of death, and thereby fearlessness of all!
Without fear there is the mental elevation of gladness, and confidence!
This contemplation detaches one from the body, and form and frees thereby...
Clever is the disgust won by this anti-porn, thereby cooling all lust for a body!

Just a painted puppet!
A chain of bones plastered by skin with 9 oozing holes!
A heap of sores, and rotten excrement, with evil intentions!

Good autopsy video of here:


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Source Text: Majjhima Nikāya 119: Kayagata-Sati Sutta

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