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      The 4 Noble Truths are the Core of Buddhism:

1: This and such is Suffering! Suffering is of three kinds:
a: Obvious suffering, which is any bodily
pain, and any mental sadness.
b: Suffering due to change includes also pleasant feeling as this indeed also
becomes quite disappointing, when it inevitably changes, fades, and vanishes.
c: Suffering due to construction is all that is conditioned, since all this thus
later inevitably will fall apart. This also includes any object, which induces a
neutral feeling. This 1st Noble Truth, that points out that all worldly things
ultimately speaking is Suffering, has to be fully understood  in all aspects...

2: Craving is the Cause of Suffering! Craving is of three kinds:
a: Craving for sensing forms, sounds, smells, tastes, touches, and mental states.
b: Craving for becoming. (ex: May I become rich, attractive, young, famous, etc.)
c: Craving for non-becoming (ex: May I neither become sick, nor old, nor
This Second Noble Truth on the Cause of Suffering has to be eliminated...

3: Absence of Craving is therefore the End of Suffering!
a: Not craving for any sense stimuli, or contact of any kind...
b: Not craving for any kind of re-becoming as this, or that in any future...
c: Not craving any non-becoming, but accepting all ills that inevitably come...
This 3rd Noble Truth on the End of Suffering has to be accomplished!

4: The Noble 8-Fold Way is the Method to End Suffering!
Which Noble 8-fold Way has to be developed in order to end all suffering?
1: Right View  (sammā-ditthi)
2: Right Motivation  (sammā-sankappa)
3: Right Speech  (sammā-vācā)
4: Right Action  (sammā-kammanta)
5: Right Livelihood  (sammā-ājīva)
6: Right Effort  (sammā-vāyāma)
7: Right Awareness  (sammā-sati)
8; Right Concentration  (sammā-samādhi)
This Fourth Noble Truth on the Way to End Suffering has to be developed!

More on these quintessential Four Noble Truths (Ariya-Sacca):

The 4 Noble Truths..

Updated: 07 Jan 2017
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