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 What is the Meaning of the 4 Noble Truths?

1: This and such is Suffering is
The 1st Noble Truth!
The meaning of this suffering is the oppression, when pain is being formed due
to the burning of frustrated desire, created when the wanted object changes
into something else, now undesirable, and thereby always and inevitably is lost..
This is the meaning of Suffering, which is real, neither unreal, nor otherwise.

2: Craving is the Cause of Suffering is
The 2nd Noble Truth!
The meaning of craving as the origin of suffering is something that is stored
and accumulating, since this source and cause of suffering, means addiction,
obsession, enslavement and bondage and thus vulnerable un-free dependence..
This is the meaning of the Cause, which is real, neither unreal, nor otherwise.

3: Ceasing of Craving is the End of Suffering is
The 3rd Noble Truth!
The meaning of ending craving ceases suffering is escape, since one now has
become sheltered and protected, due to the suffering not being recreated,
when the cause of craving have subsided. Ending craving means deathlessness...
This is the meaning of the End, which is real, neither unreal, nor otherwise.

4: The Noble 8-fold Way is the Path to end Suffering is
The 4th Noble Truth!
The meaning of the Noble 8-fold Way is outlet, since this method causes exit
from the state of suffering, through knowing, seeing and understanding what
is real as the dominant releasing factors, that has to be developed into a unity!
This is the meaning of the Way, which is real, neither unreal, nor otherwise...
Vism 494


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The Meaning of the 4  Noble Truths!

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