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 The 8 Aspects of Feeling should be Understood!

A certain Bhikkhu once asked the Blessed Buddha: Venerable Sir,
1: What is feeling? 
2: What is the cause of feeling? 
3: What is the way to emergence of feeling? 
4: What is the ceasing of feeling? 
5: What is the way to cease feeling? 
6: What is the satisfaction in feeling? 
7: What is the danger in feeling? 
8: What is the escape from feeling?

The Blessed Buddha answered:
There are, Bhikkhu, three feelings:
1: The 3 feelings are pleasant feeling, painful feeling, and neutral feeling.
2: Sense contact is the proximate cause of all feeling...
3: Craving is the way leading to the emergence of feeling...
4: The end of sense contact, ceases all feeling instantly...
5: This Noble Eightfold Way is the way to cease feeling...
6: The delight and joy of feeling: This is the satisfaction within feeling...
7: The danger in feeling is its transience, & inherent change into suffering.
8: The escape from feeling is the elimination of desire and lust for feeling.

Running after pleasurable feeling like mad robots, beings come to pain &
death ever again... Wanting short-term pleasure one gains long-term pain!
This is an unnecessarily heavy price, when there actually is an alternative
of lasting happiness called Nibbāna. It is thus quite well worth the effort
to give up all emotional and sensorial addiction and obsession. Only then
can one ever be completely free, truly happy and dwell in peace :-) Yeah!


All mental states converges on Feeling (Vedanā):

Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. Book IV [232-3]
section 36: On Feeling: Vedanā. A Certain Bhikkhu... 23.

Feelings Dominate & Dictate!

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Updated: 22 Dec 2016
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