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The 8 Great Thoughts of a Good Man:

The Buddha once explained to Ven. Anuruddha:
What are the 8 thoughts of a great man?
1: This Dhamma is for one who is modest, not for one who wants much.
2; This Dhamma is for one who is content, not for one who is discontent.
3: This Dhamma is for one who is reclusive, not for the socializing parrot.
4: This Dhamma is for one who is enthusiastic, not for one who is lazy.
5: This Dhamma is for one who is aware, not for one who is distracted.
6: This Dhamma is for one who is focused, not for one who is scattered.
7: This Dhamma is for one who understands, not for one who is confused.
8: This Dhamma is for one who enjoys unity, not for one who seeks diversity.

When you think these 8 thoughts of a great man, then you can easily attain the four jhānas,
that provides a pleasant dwelling right here, and right now in this very life..
Secondly, your rag-robe and simple alms-food, your dwelling at the tree-root, your bed on a
spread of grass, and your smelly urine-herb-medicine will seem to you as the best of the best.
Therefore you will live contented, in sweet delight, satisfied, dwelling in cool calm comfort,
not agitated at all, and thus gradually approach release.
Anguttara Nikāya IV 227 (edited excerpt)

Full text here:


Later during this Rains Retreat in the Eastern Bamboo Park, Ven.
dwelling alone, secluded, alert, ardent, and resolute, in no long time reached
and remained in that supreme goal of the holy life for which clansmen rightly go
forth into homelessness, and directly experiencing it himself he understood:
"Rebirth is ended, this Noble life is completed, what should be done is done..
There is no further state beyond this in this world..." And thus Ven.
became another one of the awakened Arahants.

More on Ven.
Anuruddha Buddha's cousin and one of his most eminent disciples.
Anuruddha: Master of the Divine Eye by Hellmuth Hecker:

The 8 Great Thoughts!

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