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What is the Mental Ability of Energy?

The Blessed Buddha once said:
Bhikkhus, there are these mental five abilities. What five?

The ability of Faith (saddhā)
The ability of Energy (viriya)
The ability of Awareness (sati)
The ability of Concentration (samādhi)
The ability of Understanding (pañña)

But what is the Ability of Energy (Viriya):
That which is the arousing of mental energy, effort, endeavour, exertion, industry,
toiling travail, diligent zeal, vigour, tenacity, enthusiasm, eagerness, unfaltering will,
not giving up the task, forceful drive, intense activity, controlled ardour, get-up-and-go
or in short: The power of energy. This is called ability of energy!
Source: The Book of Analysis: Vibhanga

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