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What brings beings over the Sea of Suffering?

The Blessed Buddha once explained the means and method to escape pain:
One should respect an intelligent one, from whom one can learn the Dhamma,
just as the deities respect, and honour their divine god Indra. Then with clear
and elevated mind, he will reveal the Dhamma to one, when suitable respected.
If one cultivates such a great man carefully, making it his/her aim to listen
and learn attentively, entering upon the Dhamma, and upon what conforms
with the Dhamma, then his/her understanding
will become sharp, and subtle!
However, if one associates with the petty, and envious fool, who has no direct
experience of the aim, then one will die still pestered by perplexing doubts!
Since h
ow can a man, who has been dragged down into a swift-flowing river,
who is been carried along with the current, ever help others to get across?
Similarly, how can one who has not learned the Dhamma, and has not listened
to the explanations given by the learned ones, who is ignorant of it himself,
and who hasn't overcome doubt, help others to win the stainless certainty?
Just as one embarking upon a strong boat, with well build oars and rudder,
could bring many others across there, being clever, considerate, and knowing
well how to do it.
 In exactly the same way can one, who is developed in mind,
who understands it, who is learned, and imperturbable, make others realize it,
if they have got the capacity to understand, and genuine willingness to listen.
Therefore should
one cultivate only the good man, who is clever, and learned!
Understanding the meaning, walking the Noble Way, knowing the true Dhamma,
one will thereby plunge into deathless happiness...
Sutta Nipata 316-323

The Dhamma Boat ferries beings across Samsara to Happiness!

On this Dhamma as Teaching, Tool, Phenomenon, State, Bridge, and Vehicle:
Dhamma_Contemplation, Dhamma_Presence, Simple_Core123, Be_Good.

The Blessed Buddha often said:
Sabbadānam dhammadānam jināti

The gift of Dhamma surpasses all other gifts.​t/Canon/Sutta/KN/Dhammapad​a.Verse_354.story.htm

The Boat..

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