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The Blessed Buddha once said:
I am a friend and helper to all. I am sympathetic to all living beings.
I develop a mind full of friendly goodwill. I always delight in harmlessness!
I gladden my mind, fill it with joy, and make it immovable, and unshakable.
I develop these divine states of mind not cultivated by simple men.
Theragāthā 648-9

I am a friend of the footless,
therefore the footless do not harm me,
I am a friend of the bipeds,
therefore the bipeds do not harm me,
I am a friend of those with 4 feet,
therefore the 4 feeted do not harm me,
I am a friend of the many-feeted,
therefore the many-feeted do not harm me.
AN II 72

A friend, who always lends a hand, a friend both in sorrow and joy,
a friend who offers good counsel, a friend who sympathizes too.
These are the four kinds of true friends: One who is wise, who really have
understood much, will always cherish and serve such friends, just as a good
mother tends to her only child.
Digha Nikāya III, 188

Among tigers, lions, leopards and bears I lived in the jungle.
No one was frightened of me, nor did I fear anyone.
Uplifted by such universal friendliness, I enjoyed the forest.
Finding great solace in such sweetly silenced solitude...
Suvanna-sama Jātaka 540

And how does a Bhikkhu abide with his mind imbued with friendliness
extending overall? Just as he would feel friendliness on seeing a dear and
favourite person, exactly so does he extend this same loving-kindness to
all beings in all the 8 directions, one by one, and as above, so also below.
Abhidhamma Pitaka: Appamañña-vibhanga

Bhikkhus, whatever kinds of worldly merit there are, all these are not worth
one sixteenth part of the release of mind by universal friendliness; in shining,
glowing and beaming radiance, in invisible yet shielding protection, such release
of mind by infinite and universal friendliness far excels, and surpasses them all...
Itivuttaka 27

Video on Mettā  Meditation on Friendliness:
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Universal Friendliness (Mettā) is 1 of
4 Infinite States (Appamañña Brahma-Vihāra):

Noble Friendship :-)

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Updated: 30 December 2016

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