The Burning Five »


The 5 Clusters of Clinging are Burning on Ignorance!

The Blessed Buddha once explained:
Friends, form is burning, feeling is burning, perception is burning, mental
constructions are burning, and consciousness itself is burning...
Burning with what?: 
Burning with Greed. 
Burning with Hate. 
Burning with Ignorance. 
Burning with rebirth. 
Burning with ageing. 
Burning with decay.
Burning with sickness & pain. 
Burning with death. 
I tell you: Burning with Suffering! 
Understanding this fully, friends, the learned Noble Disciple is disgusted
with all form, with all feeling, with all perception, and with all constructions!
He is disgusted even with consciousness itself! The experience of this disgust,
produces disillusion and disenchantment. Through this disillusion, the mind is
completely released from all habituated attachment, and tenacious clinging!
When it is thus entirely liberated, then this assurance appears to the Noble: 
"This mind is fully and irreversibly freed" and one instantly understands:
'This rebirth cycle is now finally ended, this Noble life has been completed,
  done is what should be done, there is no state of being beyond this ...'

The 5 clusters of clinging only take up and cling to the objects, since they
don't know the 4 Noble Truths. If they knew: This object is also and only
suffering, they would neither take it up in the first place, nor ever cling to it...
Dukkha is thus caused by this "not knowing" = ignorance of the 4 Noble Truths!

More on these 5 Clusters of Clinging (Khandha):

The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya 22:61 III 71

The Burning Five!

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